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  • Kinky c0mrad
    Kinky c0mrad

    I can’t believe I watched this 7 years ago with a straight face 😂

  • Adun સ્ટાર
    Adun સ્ટાર


  • Roronoa LJ
    Roronoa LJ

    CORPSE and Lily's voice in among us be like

  • snipex Strix
    snipex Strix

    1:56 damn look at those bodygaurds

  • Silent Riot
    Silent Riot

    Honestly I’m surprised they didn’t mention how art sales are often just a front to launder dirty money

  • Red Cyndaquil
    Red Cyndaquil

    Guy:I WANNA GO HOME!!!! I need an adult looking ass

  • Rexive Anamations
    Rexive Anamations

    They used the sugar thing in the Dunkin one

  • Anime Fan
    Anime Fan

    i saw this when i was 9 and i fuckin freaked out 4 years later and i started watching anime and guess what anime that was.... deathnote and i think this was a inspiration to watch anime so...thank you

  • Mellow Magic
    Mellow Magic

    Now that I've actually played the game, it makes a lot more sense. Ahaha-

  • Necro


  • rexanimates47

    The notice says No mature content Me: Okay? Also Anthony Padilla

  • jeff the killer gaming
    jeff the killer gaming

    I Miss old smosh

  • SpuffyYT

    Childhood 😀

  • Arty Aesthetic
    Arty Aesthetic


  • Chai Achas
    Chai Achas

    Good back at the memorylane

  • Thomas And friends merchandise collector
    Thomas And friends merchandise collector

    October 19th 2020 ah memories

  • OhBabyATripmine CoDM
    OhBabyATripmine CoDM

    This is when Smosh is still good

  • BaconSandwichDK

    1:52 they should have made that 2 number 9’s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, 2 number 45’s, one with cheese and a large soda.

  • Nathalie Francine Chua
    Nathalie Francine Chua

    Is no one gonna talk about the old smosh? They were more funnier than this.

  • Gabriel jomini Ateo
    Gabriel jomini Ateo

    2020 here?

  • Strictness of Death
    Strictness of Death

    0:45 what are you a gay ?!?!?!?!

  • Swayam Bansal
    Swayam Bansal

    Ian looks so teen in this. Now he looks just so mature...

  • Kayla Price
    Kayla Price

    This is my first time hearing someone say anything about Arkansas that surprised me

  • Luis Demetrio Arsol
    Luis Demetrio Arsol

    No One: Still No One: Absolutely No One: 100% Absolutely No One: Me: I wish they were the targets of the Assassin's Brotherhood

  • Emerita Ambray
    Emerita Ambray

    I know what my mom meant by when i got hiccups my mom said "drink water hiccups can hurt your heart and it is dangerous"

  • Lights Northern
    Lights Northern

    I worked at SB and I can confirm most of that 😂😂😂

  • Rovic Dazh Resurreccion
    Rovic Dazh Resurreccion

    Is thath actually the master sword from Zelda

  • Erdi Mustafa
    Erdi Mustafa

    نثسهس شططشت

  • Alexandre Canedo
    Alexandre Canedo

    This just got recommended to me right after Logan Paul's "I Spent $150,000 On This Pokémon Card " video

  • Erdi Mustafa
    Erdi Mustafa

    نسهثطدوثمخ مسصمكيس مسزسزسزسم كسظسكسكسسزسزسكسمزسس ميزس سظ كسسزكسسكسظتوس عغسش نيويوويكيزي خءنيويينيهنيوينممسموصخذكظ مسزسسزسم مسزسزسسنسوسزسخسوسوسنئنسوسومي زسمسمسزسزسزسززثمسمزسسموئسوسمس ميزسسنتضشذءئنثوسخظ ظدونخزظس مسسزسزمس مسسمسزسمس مسسزسمسز سمئسزسمسس ئن سظسزسمسكظظ مسزسزس سمز م س س ز سسز سسص حسصزسكزب خسزسس يزيم يزييمخيثكي يميمس سزيمس سمسزسزيمثززب يمي ي يزيزي يوؤوظسدسجظي ي يزيئم مسسزسزسمخ ميزيسخسمسز. زسزسمسزس

  • Michael Stewart
    Michael Stewart

    got to love video games. I would never want to be a farmer yet i spend 8 hours a day on minecraft feeding and milking my cows to sell to the villager who than give me tools and bread.

  • Michael Stewart
    Michael Stewart

    I love my Romanov 1 PC by Czarco. It has 8 GB vr, a gb of HD, and a 13 in video screen. it comes build in with a case and extendable legs. It is perfect for those who want a gaming pc while traveling overseas. whether you are in the middle of the AMazon rainforest or on the moon. As long as you can plug in and connect to an internet connection you can play fortnight and League of virgins to your hearts content.

  • saby ralte
    saby ralte

    I miss Stevie

  • Sean Marcos
    Sean Marcos

    Its just a pranked brooooo Fucking asshole

  • Reijhan Jeirhan
    Reijhan Jeirhan


  • Nicole

    Where’s the every Wendy’s Ever??

  • Lonely Little Wolfie
    Lonely Little Wolfie

    I feel dead

  • Jay G
    Jay G

    Um ????

  • 0catical YT
    0catical YT

    anyone watching in 2020 ?

  • KFC Bucket
    KFC Bucket

    Ahh yes the golden era of smosh and youtube as well

  • kate frickman
    kate frickman

    5:47 POV: you come to give me knews about my dying grandpa... 5:49 you say he should only have around a week to live and he isnt giving me any of his giant fortune.. 5:51 you say just kidding he just died and left you 3 entire quarters of his stuff and 7 of his 8 houses!!!! 5:53 but then you say he actually was cured from his cancer and he isnt dying soon and he has about 50 more years to live..

  • Jessie Munoz
    Jessie Munoz

    Who's here after steve came into smash bros

  • George London King of doctor who
    George London King of doctor who

    Is Ian brot

  • Erdi Mustafa
    Erdi Mustafa

    Las thnats al baribabi uke noi atio astio asi barbiabi klo hahaha sikum. Biach sio neak tin kelo meon loinh adscid onine kom ki lak giah sikumno. Loinm heasm mik noen sek kum meka sikena lopin ahaha kilo ne biach hahaha stupias. Kelomiko pi skumeni eko nukop a biach gonais od spas pleasid kead nuilo ims indoneasian andu amerkena.

  • MysticBobby

    I was a month year old baby.

  • Erdi Mustafa
    Erdi Mustafa

    Aninaki mah sa mibahsa hu imin idonsiasn bahas okp liun nms Aad uaasnx kimet su bamng mu ke su kaia sasa nisaba milo pinoker.

  • diamond Playz
    diamond Playz

    I wish Anthony was back

  • Lonely Little Wolfie
    Lonely Little Wolfie

    Netflix: Makes a gay character Netflix: Doesn't give character a boyfriend Me: **Inner rage**

  • anime AMV
    anime AMV

    This video shows how Smosh Changed over years 😔.I really miss the old smosh

  • anime AMV
    anime AMV

    Legends listening to this song in October 2020

  • diamond Playz
    diamond Playz

    It's a awesome shirt and it says awesome shirt

  • Stepford Railway Benjamin
    Stepford Railway Benjamin


  • Gunslinger _Sean
    Gunslinger _Sean

    You ain’t telling me that she took 2000 hours to 100% skyrim bruh I’ve been playing for 20000 hours and I havn’t even got the dragonstone

  • GameKiller

    This is when I found out I was into Asian chicks

  • ELijah durao
    ELijah durao

    Anthony has tusk act 1 to 4 btw tusk is a stand form "Jojo's a bizarre adventure" 😂

  • Marlon

    No one: Catholic priests: 4:09

  • Nathaliajoan

    This could be one of the best videos you've made 😂


    Can you do Every black ever But u gonna do nothing

  • Eternal_ Dumpling
    Eternal_ Dumpling

    Who else is watching this in 2020

  • LinguaPhiliax

    This video makes me feel so uncomfortable and I LOVE it.

  • Crazyfunnygibbs madz
    Crazyfunnygibbs madz


  • diamond Playz
    diamond Playz

    0:33 it's a real video just type in the name who made it

  • B Gone
    B Gone

    I heard owo at the end

  • Maria

    Holy shit Smosh is very different than it was back then lmao. I remember 2013 Smosh kinda liked it better but this is also good

  • Maadhav Dilipkumar
    Maadhav Dilipkumar

    He never even peed

  • Odli de Guzman
    Odli de Guzman

    Is the other orange? Talking?

  • Cookie Xoxo
    Cookie Xoxo

    schools have plastic chairs because they can't afford 200$ chairs for each student.

  • Hunter Page
    Hunter Page

    I think this may be another reason why Anthony left :(

  • Odli de Guzman
    Odli de Guzman

    Poor guy Who gave a Burger 😢😢😢

  • Laura Cruickshank
    Laura Cruickshank


  • M. Ali Wajid Baig
    M. Ali Wajid Baig

    1:27 is me when they have shirts I like with random words on it.

  • Si Gendut
    Si Gendut

    It's ok if you want to wait 10/20 or something but don't you know 6969 cost that means you have to spend all your money until bangkrupt

  • Geckoed

    Wait Anthony Padildo is Mexican?!!??1?1?1?

  • Kiss Thunderstrike
    Kiss Thunderstrike

    The struggle not to get cancelled is real...

  • ameliaoverman2008

    I love power Rangers

  • Jonathan Wu
    Jonathan Wu

    At 4:37 it looked like he was using the steering wheel

  • Lonely Little Wolfie
    Lonely Little Wolfie

    I think I got sick just from watching this video

  • Odli de Guzman
    Odli de Guzman

    Lmao Ian Really ate the Cat litter

  • Radical EUR
    Radical EUR

    Can you guys do some content British people ca relate to like a ‘every Tesco ever’

  • Draedon Longley
    Draedon Longley

    Alguien lo mira en 2020 y es de latinoamerica :^ Pd :Mucho Pac-Man :v