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Don’t be embarrassed, it’s time to embrace the truth- GIRLS ARE GROSS!
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Courtney Miller //
Olivia Sui //
Kimmy Jimenez //
Shayne Topp //
Ian Hecox //
Damien Haas //
Vocals: Courtney Miller
Lyrics: Monica Vasandani & Ryan Finnerty
Melody & Arrangement: Ryan Finnerty
Music: Peter De Leon
Producer: Ryan Finnerty, Ryan Todd & Peter De Leon
Director: Ryan Todd
Co-Director: Monica Vasandani
Writers: Courtney Miller, Monica Vasandani & Ryan Finnerty
Executive Producer: Ryan Todd
Production Manager: Margo McHugh
1st AD: Marcella Gersh
DP: Mitch Anderson
DP: Nick Giomuso
Cam Op: Brennan Iketani
1st AC: Nick Goto
1st AC: Shelby Conzelman
1st AC: Jacqi Jones
DIT: Matt Duran
Art Director: Steven Cirocco
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Set Decorator: Tayler Nicholson
Buyer: Natalia Brito
Props/Stage Coord: Yasmeen Mughal
Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
Script Supervisor: Sarah Garrettson
Hair & Make Up Department Head: Rachel Jenkins
Makeup: Brooke Darwin
Wardrobe: Athena Lawton
Gaffer: Nick Giomuso
Gaffer: Joseph Putruzzello
Key Grip: Trent Turner
Key Grip: Benjamin Perez
PA: Jacqi Jones
PA: Lucas Lefkowitz
Art PA: Jennifer Carolina Pedroza
Art PA: Natalia Brito
Art PA: Steven Smyka
Editor: Mike Small
Color: Mike Burton
GFX: Brittany Metz
Community Manager: Cece Wrenn
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
It/Equipment Manager: Tim Baker
Executive Assistant: Nancy Azcona
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  • Smosh

    Girls Are Gross is now available to stream everywhere! Spotify: Apple Music: Google Play:

    • mochatoast

      this made more confident in myself dude thanks.... i love being a girl

    • Lemon_ Cookie
      Lemon_ Cookie

      nOt eVeRyWhErE yOu fOrGoT SOuNdClOuD

    • 大明湖畔的文某


    • 大明湖畔的文某


    • AndyEdits

      Lizzo Juice lol

  • Steve Eve
    Steve Eve


  • charlie ding
    charlie ding


  • Lou Rhenz Gujilde
    Lou Rhenz Gujilde

    As a male, I think it's better to remain single

  • Dj Branham
    Dj Branham

    More music videos

  • white-haired-hat


  • Noticeethis

    But Olivia is really like the opposite tho

  • Flame ThrOwer
    Flame ThrOwer

    0:51 0:57 1:58

  • Maryam Sheikh
    Maryam Sheikh

    THem singing this with good hair Me: why do I bother....

  • Sergio Perez
    Sergio Perez

    Ian: joke on you I'm into that

  • Christine Fitch
    Christine Fitch

    1:36 Hey BB Lol I love you guys.

  • Elizabeth Marie
    Elizabeth Marie

    i would listen to them sing anytime 🥺

  • Letícia Valente
    Letícia Valente

    The beat is exactly the same from Lizzo - Juice. AND I LOVE BOTH SO MUCH

  • leon Koesveld
    leon Koesveld

    this is Courtney's type of song

  • uwu uwu 阿真貓
    uwu uwu 阿真貓

    song : Girls are Gross, nobody knows me : now everybody knows

  • Xor_cistx

    I cant believe this was 1 year ago

  • Oddz Kosmic
    Oddz Kosmic

    I can't believe this was made a year ago

  • Milton Soto
    Milton Soto

    Can we talk about Shane’s perfect Homer Simpson Scream at 2:23

  • Mercedi Izabawss
    Mercedi Izabawss

    Is it just me or is this the only smosh video where they say shit uncensored

  • Raphel_progaming

    She realy realy realy100x gross

  • BendyThe5032InkTuber7 mothaf#cka
    BendyThe5032InkTuber7 mothaf#cka

    That must be why they get grossed out all the time.

  • Molly M
    Molly M

    Why did y'all literally tell all my life secrets in 3 minutes and 15 seconds like that's crazy

  • Qayum Mangal
    Qayum Mangal

    WHAT is Ian doing there

  • James Hall
    James Hall

    ruined smosh songs...😭

  • snoopy ramrod
    snoopy ramrod

    Girls are the sweetest an cutest things on earth🥺

  • b l u e
    b l u e

    i already knew this *i'm the youngest and i have four sisters above me*

  • CashT01


  • Aprilia Hastings
    Aprilia Hastings

    YES WE ARE!!🤣🤣🤣

  • anton

    All girls getting offended of this: 👁👄👁 (its a joke)

  • Simone Harmse
    Simone Harmse

    2:20 Shayne is just so grossed out of the panties cause he's a virgin

  • avas channle1
    avas channle1

    No matter how fast or slow it's still too good🤣

  • George R. Carmichael
    George R. Carmichael

    This video made me gay.

  • George M. Builder
    George M. Builder

    Boys also have zits and B.O, hair all over the bathroom, also periods aren't that gross, it's only unconfortable because girls talk about it in such a weird way, t would be the same if guy talked the same about random boners

  • Jolly

    This one's GREAT!!! Now make a "boys and their funny voice" or "boys and their toys" or "boys that annoys" or "boys have a choice" or "boys avoids"... I literally just searched for "what rhymes with boys" and took the ones that could be funny😅😇

  • benbenpro79 • 160 M views
    benbenpro79 • 160 M views

    I love how shayne get throwned a pantie lmao 2:19

  • theone itself
    theone itself

    *80s Madonna vibes* with this catchy pop song.... AWESOME!!

  • Yeet .-.
    Yeet .-.

    Im just glad that they dont drink orange juice before brushing teeth

  • Quantum Flux 420
    Quantum Flux 420

    Well honestly I don’t throw out my poop stained underwear soo that’s a fair call

  • sugawara simp
    sugawara simp

    Can we all agree that that blue bra Liv was holding wasnt hers like that was a bra for big bois

  • Fiery Saint
    Fiery Saint

    I like that that Courtney got slowly messy in each scene

  • Amy Star
    Amy Star

    I've listened to this way over 20 times and only now realizing the tune is pretty much juice by lizzo

  • *tounge pop*
    *tounge pop*

    This is a bop

  • Joshua Varghese
    Joshua Varghese

    what has smosh turned to it used to be so awesome


    this is a low-key bop tho

  • Gunslinger I Lv
    Gunslinger I Lv

    No one: Not a single molecule in the universe: Females in coments: GuiLTy

  • JD JD
    JD JD

    Endless diarrhea

  • -tinyweeb-

    2:19 Shayne’s scream

  • RelatedDrop

    0:03 SIMP

    • Gem.

      I love the implication that if you bumped into a woman and made her drop her bag you'd just walk away

  • Cessna 172 Beneze Aviation
    Cessna 172 Beneze Aviation

    So cheap... degrading the moral values..

  • Jill Valentine
    Jill Valentine

    3 girls one gross Video

  • ruizmc78

    im so scared

  • Zachary Truskowski
    Zachary Truskowski

    So who was the 3rd girl? Also, great song!

  • Marklee NG
    Marklee NG

    Unimpressed. Courtney Freakin Miller shouldve had a verse.

  • Lissa

    Everytime I hear Juice by Lizzo I think about this song

  • Stitch Stark
    Stitch Stark

    Ha finally the truth is out sisters we did it. Btw all this stuff is true

  • Dingo Dalton
    Dingo Dalton

    Kimmy was in the video everyone liked that

  • MrtrshYT :
    MrtrshYT :

    7 layer period dip kill me

  • Isaiah Kirby
    Isaiah Kirby

    Try it on 1.25x.

    • Arooba


  • Maryam Hajjar
    Maryam Hajjar

    i fart infrot of everybody

  • Ariplaygames

    This has real good old school Jenna Marbles energy

  • Katsuki Bakugou
    Katsuki Bakugou


  • Stormy EyesYT
    Stormy EyesYT

    guys watching this be like: 👁 💧👄 💧👁

  • nostalgia

    Yall lil weirdos really think having bad hygiene is cute? Yikes 🤢

    • Gem.

      I love that you think we do it for your approval

  • Cingkin


  • Jay Marlow
    Jay Marlow

    Welp when I get a girl I ain’t gonna trust her in my apartment when I’m away and she’s alone who knows what’s she’s gonna do 😳

  • Paradox Ash
    Paradox Ash

    Shayne makes everything 10 times better

  • Boaz Tennekes
    Boaz Tennekes

    This has to be Courtney's GOAT

  • Wolf Gaming
    Wolf Gaming

    When couentney said girls are groos nobody know gross I know now that my sister is

  • Thomas Mason
    Thomas Mason

    The fall in grace man

  • Bryce Kemp
    Bryce Kemp

    Titty Marinade?!?!?! lol Wtf i liked how Courtney Looks dirtier and dirtier through the video

  • Francisco Egurrola
    Francisco Egurrola

    Why is this song unironically my davorite song now?

  • F B I
    F B I

    Good that you know that

  • Spikes The black blood
    Spikes The black blood

    Same thing with my bra

  • Tyler Deering
    Tyler Deering

    Best thing is Shane freaking out

  • Lord Lucifer
    Lord Lucifer

    my gay friend sent me this and tried making me gay

  • Switchblade

    holdup why is this lowkey a jam tho

  • Lexi :3
    Lexi :3

    N-no! :( If ur a girl like this pls if u boi 👇👇 👇👇

  • Halima Kassem
    Halima Kassem

    Girls, we have been exposed 😂

  • František Světlík
    František Světlík

    I'm not a huge fan of Kimmy and I don't know why

  • Ferry Sugianto
    Ferry Sugianto

    courtney 😝❤

  • fowardslashmax.

    4th Graders in 2010: agreed 4th graders in 2020: I now realize that I don't have a choice to say no

  • Sara Hart
    Sara Hart

    How did they still manage to look hot in this video?

  • Taha Taha
    Taha Taha

    This changed my perspective of girls

  • Jack The La Croix guy
    Jack The La Croix guy

    This is very Calvin and Hobbes

  • Summer’s Kitchen シ
    Summer’s Kitchen シ

    She’s basically speaking the truth

  • Jerrika Haught
    Jerrika Haught

    This is a year old already?!

  • RosieDaCat

    Why does this make me grossed out and I’m a girl lol

  • Jeff Frenzy
    Jeff Frenzy

    Showed this to a girl in school Now shes my girlfriend

  • LadyBug


  • Earl Bañares
    Earl Bañares

    The melody of this song sounds like it came from a Cartoon Network show... anyone agree?

  • kian smith
    kian smith

    Favourite song ever

  • Shane Sener
    Shane Sener

    What did I watch

  • leah XD
    leah XD

    but this songa bop

  • Frankie Gee Pepper
    Frankie Gee Pepper

    Why is nobody talking about how this is lowkey a bop

  • Angie Betancourt
    Angie Betancourt

    The accuracy of this scares me.

  • CH40S

    That's so accurate

  • Elizabeth Onionzzz
    Elizabeth Onionzzz


  • Jensen Roark
    Jensen Roark

    Courtney’s future husband is just gonna flip when he sees this

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki

    This was exactly one year ago! Damn, it still slaps!

  • Jerbz ali
    Jerbz ali

    shit slaps