Every TikTok Ever
Let’s hope this makes it to the For You page. This is EVERY TIKTOK EVER!
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Damien Haas // instagram.com/damienhaas/
Ian Hecox // instagram.com/ianhecox/
Courtney Miller // instagram.com/co_mill/
Olivia Sui // instagram.com/oliviasui/
Shayne Topp // instagram.com/shaynetopp
Cole Hersch // instagram.com/cole.hersch/
Sarah Schauer // instagram.com/sarahschauer_/
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Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
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  • Broken Skull
    Broken Skull

    7:26 ayy Hong Kong

  • The pro Hacks
    The pro Hacks

    3:17 actually it's 1769

  • Catherine Melland
    Catherine Melland

    Subscribe to Smosh

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    Why you gotta do us home schoolers like that

  • Tate Rines
    Tate Rines

    Anyone going to notice the sweet mustang in the background of 2:39

  • Saxaz

    0:54 and remember kids this is the story of charli damelio

  • kate frickman
    kate frickman

    5:47 POV: you come to give me knews about my dying grandpa... 5:49 you say he should only have around a week to live and he isnt giving me any of his giant fortune.. 5:51 you say just kidding he just died and left you 3 entire quarters of his stuff and 7 of his 8 houses!!!! 5:53 but then you say he actually was cured from his cancer and he isnt dying soon and he has about 50 more years to live..

  • Fox Comm
    Fox Comm

    Someone looks like Courtney from tiktok

  • CrazyComedyKid

    "I feel like TikTok's gonna leave us just like Vine did" TikTok getting banned in the US:

  • Mario & Friends Gaming
    Mario & Friends Gaming

    did a tiktok ad just appear after watching this?

  • Official Efren David
    Official Efren David

    colonel Sanders is a legend

  • Luna lovedraw
    Luna lovedraw

    The witchtok one is on point- as a white witch myself-

  • Lady Luna
    Lady Luna

    The grandpa serial killer bit was the best lol 😁

  • Bruh _man
    Bruh _man

    I've never had such a good laugh in forever, Thank you Smosh.

  • paige Collins
    paige Collins

    I get democratic commercials every time me watch a smash video

    • paige Collins
      paige Collins

      Sorry smosh

  • yamipoiuyt

    why is saging i e banana witchcraft?

  • TheArkhamKnightTeam 2015
    TheArkhamKnightTeam 2015

    Everybody that got a Tik Tok Commercial while watching this 👇

  • Michelle Flieshman
    Michelle Flieshman


  • Hunter Jones
    Hunter Jones

    0:26 is just plain abusive, if it were real I would call child protection services.

  • N Shanthi
    N Shanthi

    Let’s be honest tik tok is an amazing app with amazing potential but cringe teens just ruined everything sooooooooo.....

  • GlittahGurl

    This is Hetero rich kid TikTok

  • Emery Awsomesauce
    Emery Awsomesauce

    It’s the fart ass license plate for me

  • seal

    Wait, thAt iS thE sAy So eMoTe fROm foRTNuT

  • Silent Riot
    Silent Riot

    How dare you insult witch tok even if was completely accurate😂😂😂😂😂

  • Adun સ્ટાર
    Adun સ્ટાર


  • sunflower

    I have TikTok and I can confirm this is true lol

  • Kristiana Steinberga
    Kristiana Steinberga

    0_0 WOW

  • Bigbearhugss

    Why does Cortney sound like Lindsey from total drama island

  • TDMSS tyler
    TDMSS tyler

    I got a tik tok ad

  • Thë søft gïrl
    Thë søft gïrl

    1:19 Excuse me but for all of those people who grew up in 2007 can we just acknowledge that Courtney sounded like Lindsay from Total drama island ; - ;

  • brennan2342

    No one gonna notice his license plate?? 2:52

  • Cole James
    Cole James

    Tik tok could have been the new vine but the wrong people started using it

  • introvert gaming
    introvert gaming

    The fact that saging is actually the Tagalog of banana

  • Anes Babu
    Anes Babu


  • Jimmy :D
    Jimmy :D

    More like every teenager ever

  • Ice Bear
    Ice Bear

    1:12 if anyone watched the show does anyone else think that Courtney sounds like lindsay from total drama or is it just me that hears that

    • sunflower


  • Mr Person guy human yeah
    Mr Person guy human yeah

    3:15 anyone else notice that was her picture from every DMV ever?


    Lol Tik Tok did actually just disappear now that its being banned

  • Read write learn Grammar spelling
    Read write learn Grammar spelling

    Vine support group was right



  • Insomnia Bacon
    Insomnia Bacon

    8 second ad: skippable 30 second ad: non skipable

  • Matthew Szefler
    Matthew Szefler

    2:51 nice your car was made from Fart Ass, my favorite car brand!

  • Kalea Muramatsu
    Kalea Muramatsu

    Awww, Courtney's taking all the verbal abuse😭😭

  • Sam Stein
    Sam Stein

    TikTok being a countdown according to Viners is so relevant right now

  • Private Pugsley
    Private Pugsley

    Pretty accurate

  • Bart Simpson10
    Bart Simpson10

    Love your. Videos

  • Gerome Icban
    Gerome Icban

    2:39 hey guys did u see the camaro or a mustang DAMN THAT CAR IS SEXY anyways keep up the good work guys u make us laugh

  • Mustapha Bouhdaid
    Mustapha Bouhdaid

    I have a tik tok account

  • Erik Lopez
    Erik Lopez


  • Erik Lopez
    Erik Lopez


  • HappyNathan27

    that fiat has the license plate “FART ASS”

  • Oink Oink
    Oink Oink

    0:27 what’s the song??

  • itsseanaseo

    What song is this? @ 1:56

  • Jhon Wayne Arteta
    Jhon Wayne Arteta

    never even gonna question if this is directed by courtney🤣😅

  • Elsa Johnson
    Elsa Johnson

    i is Courtney Lindsay from total drama Island

  • Natasha Gnacinski
    Natasha Gnacinski

    Look at the car’s license plate it’s fart ass

  • Elisabeth Hamm
    Elisabeth Hamm

    Okay but I live for the Minnesota license plate



  • Itsyourboyaksel gaming
    Itsyourboyaksel gaming


  • James Davidson
    James Davidson

    I got a TikTok ad halfway through and thought it was part of the video

  • Bruce The_Moose_Gaming
    Bruce The_Moose_Gaming

    the red car says fart ass

  • soopakoopa

    TikTok is the worst.

    • Eddie Is Here
      Eddie Is Here

      Well you’re in luck, it’s being banned on Sunday

  • Kerrigan Wankel
    Kerrigan Wankel

    As a homeschooler, that first one is 100% accurate

  • gouchi rangatangs gouchilife
    gouchi rangatangs gouchilife

    Im watching this in a difrent time periode and tiktok is about to get banned so yeah

  • Biggus Chungus
    Biggus Chungus

    Yes tik tok is bad… and also time is ticking

  • Beth Kelly
    Beth Kelly

    Why is this so accurate?

  • John Quade
    John Quade

    I wanna be killed by a drunk horse 8 years ago

  • Hi Stranger
    Hi Stranger

    you forgot the cokksukking part

  • Despe JM
    Despe JM

    Let’s hope this makes it to the For You page. This is EVERY TIKTOK EVER! Punch that bell icon so you'll know when we add a new episode!

  • Despe JM
    Despe JM

    Every TikTok Ever

  • Jak Wick
    Jak Wick

    Wait can Courtney actually do that with cherry stems?

  • Keny Ulloa
    Keny Ulloa

    I liked how the coach jumped on her after she did good the first time I died of laughter 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Wakka Flocka
    Wakka Flocka

    Smosh can make fucking cancer jokes and still have this shit seem like a kids show


    Witchcraft check 🙌🙌🙌 SIS YES

  • Icyhot Lasagna
    Icyhot Lasagna

    Every straight tik tok ever*

  • a Kazuichi Simp
    a Kazuichi Simp

    I got a Tik Tok ad before this

  • Rutnilda Carrasquillo
    Rutnilda Carrasquillo

    7:00 They were right and nos byte will be the one

  • shifty_default

    they predicted the tiktok being banned

  • vHusko

    TikTok aka every gamers fear.

  • Oofinity Gaming
    Oofinity Gaming

    5:30 is that suppose to be PewDiePie and marzia

  • M.K 261
    M.K 261

    1:57 yuuuh get it tooo ittt

  • Fortnigtgodsc

    Did anyone realize the car license plate?

  • AshBro 360
    AshBro 360

    when courtney said Tyler it reminded me of Lindsey from total drama

  • The phantom Thieves of minecraft
    The phantom Thieves of minecraft

    Pov: your favorite anime character dies but then they come back but then they die again

  • Lucien Skalsky
    Lucien Skalsky

    Did anyone else notice that the license plate said "fart ass"

  • Yes Yes
    Yes Yes

    3:42 Didnt age well

  • Leia the Beagle mix
    Leia the Beagle mix

    The “witchcraft check” thing was kinda offensive bc of my religon aka Wicca it’s like telling some one who believes in god that he is fake

  • Fight for life Ffl
    Fight for life Ffl

    2:36 is she wearing a.. jotaro hat?

  • Railey Lawrence Mirador
    Railey Lawrence Mirador

    courtney(dont know the spelling) is so gorgeous

  • Samuel Ramirez
    Samuel Ramirez

    These bloopers are basically 'every awkward Smosh Moment'

  • VexxInAVoid


  • Marlowe Mejia
    Marlowe Mejia

    That's say so from fortnite

  • Vidit Deshpande
    Vidit Deshpande

    4:35 I felt like crying for Shayne for some reason.........😭

  • Kat’s Cakes
    Kat’s Cakes

    3:30 when there talking about tik tok leavening them they are so right it did leave us

  • Graham Lawrence
    Graham Lawrence

    I she doing say so to a different song

  • Moni Bennett
    Moni Bennett

    Not GOING to lie but sensor license plate so no one trys to find you

  • Mason Fetters
    Mason Fetters

    Every cringe ever

  • The Annoying one Pt2 j
    The Annoying one Pt2 j

    I like the backround songs


    3:45 They weren't wrong vine disappeared and so did tik tok

  • Zachary B
    Zachary B

    Did anyone notice that the lisence plate said FART ASS