First Hookup After Quarantine
Wondering what your first hookup after quarantine will be like? It’ll probably look a little something like this…
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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Courtney Miller //
Shayne Topp //
Directed By: Sarah Whittle, Brennan Iketani
Executive Producer: Ryan Finnerty
Head Writer: Monica Vasandani
Written By: Lorraine DeGraffenreidt, Cole Hersch, & Kurt Maloney
Editor: Mike Small
Original Song By: Tommy Bowe
Production Manager: Alicia Gaynor
Production Coordinator: Nancy Azcona
Production Assistant: Jacqi Jones
DP: Brennan Iketani
Camera Operator: Kevin Rygg
Gaffer: Tim Baker
Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Art Department Assistant: Yasmeen Mughal
Set Dresser: Tayler Nicholson
Assistant Editor/DIT: Matt Duran
GFX: Brittany Metz
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
Stage Manager: David Hill
Executive Assistant: Sammie Miller
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  • unkown 34X
    unkown 34X

    just kiss her man.... lollll

  • evaderik Mammon
    evaderik Mammon

    Courtney is too sexy. :3

  • Sceptical Drax
    Sceptical Drax

    Shane and courtney should actually be together

  • MsAmberKat

    .. Do you think the door felt violated?

  • Jocy Betta
    Jocy Betta

    God I wish this was real

  • Get Nae nae’d
    Get Nae nae’d

    80’s called, they want Shane back

  • SteveVi0lence

    Courtney is like a blonde Abella danger

  • alxve kites
    alxve kites

    Quarantine is still going on


    1:40 damm

  • LENNY!

    How dare you play with my feelings like that Shortney is a real thing A REAL THING I TELL YOU

  • LENNY!

    forget Do you want ants because that's how you get ants. do you want splinters shartney because making out with a door like that will give you splinters.

  • friendly911

    Daaayyyymn she's hot!

  • Cindy Mendez
    Cindy Mendez

    This reminds me of the Julie Nolke skit

  • Lmao Yknow me
    Lmao Yknow me

    Dont be shy watch some more Juicy(youtuber): Dont be shy put some more In the exact same tone idk 😐

  • Icey Matt Home
    Icey Matt Home


  • zivzii

    When fan fics become true

  • Dudeonwheels

    God, Courtney in that dress....

  • Lucia Vlogs
    Lucia Vlogs


  • Porschea B.
    Porschea B.


  • Ayon Shyok Angan
    Ayon Shyok Angan

    4:23 why did you stop Courtney, follow your heart

  • Brook H
    Brook H

    Don’t be shy watch some more 😂

  • Tanmay Chanda
    Tanmay Chanda

    Is it just me or do shayne and courtney look very similar to each other?

  • Abdul Samad
    Abdul Samad

    Nobody noticed the door has 6C written on it. 6C. Get it?

  • X_QuibbleAnimates_X

    We have a new ship. Shayne x Mango. Who is making fanart already?

  • pizza playz19
    pizza playz19


  • Blake Underwood
    Blake Underwood

    Its funny cause me and shaynes hair was short a couple months ago now its getting longer. Bought time for another haircut or dreads or a mullet

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown

    Don't hoard the spit xchange

  • Usha Rawla
    Usha Rawla

    What Happened To Shane’s Mustache😭😭😭


    Lol 😂 omg laughter is good for the soul!!!😂😂Love this!!

  • Kristie Ray
    Kristie Ray

    Unpopular opinion but it should have been Olivia, it wouldn't have been so awkward to watch then.

  • Ty

    "Call me by your name."

  • Rob Smith21
    Rob Smith21

    I wish I knew how to edit. I would edit this like Shane is my roommate and I walk in on him OR Courtney doing this! 😂🤔

  • Amre Karsh
    Amre Karsh

    What happened to smosh? Their videos used to accumulate a million views in a couple of days after they are released. Just checked their videos from the past few months. Barring a handful, none of them crossed 1 million views. Some videos didn't even cross 500k views. Did the quality of content come down a bit? Or is it a problem with their marketing?

    • Amre Karsh
      Amre Karsh

      @Cryptonix02 Yeah. This video has only 500,000 views even after 3 weeks. Currently, I think anthony padilla's videos are getting better views than this. I still can't believe that this video despite being funny has lesser views than "Ian and Anthony eating lunch"

    • Cryptonix02

      Probably a lot of things. Quarantine did sort of limit the quality of their content, especially towards the beginning when they weren't used to producing at home and having to use equipment on their own as opposed to a big team, so the rate at which they were able to produce sketches might have slightly declined. Also, there are people making much more easily-accessible and profitable content during quarantine such as gaming channels/streamers, so I'd imagine SLtoos was probably more inclined to flood everyone's recommended with the influx of those types of videos as opposed to sketch comedy videos, which could have hurt their exposure during quarantine. Funding may have also been an issue because Rhett & Link own their channel and also suffered similar setbacks at the start of quarantine, slicing overall revenue thin for Smosh, meaning less money to pay employees, thus smaller staffs, thus less people to edit and pump out videos. Idk. I'm really just speculating at this point, we won't know for sure unless they come out and say it.

  • 8-Bit Girl
    8-Bit Girl

    "Your wood is giving me wood!" I'm dying🤣🤣🤣

  • Underage Anime Gurl
    Underage Anime Gurl

    Shartney, Shortney Or Coune

  • Ali Youngblood
    Ali Youngblood

    D d d dayumn courtney

  • MeTakesASizzle


  • Leinard Jei Ponce
    Leinard Jei Ponce

    i miss Ian and Anthony

  • Your Grandma
    Your Grandma

    This is the first video I saw on this channel. I love it

  • Lil kandy
    Lil kandy

    Lol imagine being a virgin in 2020

  • Sam Needs life
    Sam Needs life


  • Retro

    I love how she’s afraid of catching the virus and then proceeds to kiss the door.

  • Cj Reyes
    Cj Reyes

    Is kissing is safe that good you ask dad NO YOU NEED SOCIAL DISTANCING so kissing is notsafe

  • The Big Joe Show
    The Big Joe Show


  • Jake.


  • OmgLookAtTheYuckerMan Waaiong
    OmgLookAtTheYuckerMan Waaiong

    The coronavirus isn't that dangerous. Looking at their age it is perferctly safe to kiss. Stop spreading panic smosh.

  • Joe Mendoza
    Joe Mendoza

    That's dress thats girl Very nice

  • I’m Tired Please Go
    I’m Tired Please Go

    “Thirsty!” Killed me

  • MrPhotixel

    No Questions Of This Video.................

  • Matthww Nichols
    Matthww Nichols

    One of you have been on Henry danger

  • leah XD
    leah XD

    The call me by your name part though😭

  • Dorji Wang
    Dorji Wang

    I thought Peter Died 8 years ago.

  • Byler Bobinson
    Byler Bobinson

    Ay they got that Doo wop song

  • Cocoa Jay
    Cocoa Jay

    i can’t tell if i’m craving mangoes or if this ruined it for me,, thanks

  • Lylly

    i just realized that shane was in an episode of sam and cat because i was re watching it

  • Maximus Climer
    Maximus Climer

    I just realise Shayne is in Henry danger

  • Allen Glass
    Allen Glass

    This shows how stupid we are becoming.

  • Aidooo

    I didn't realize til now but I'm a Shayngo shipper

  • A real Teletubby
    A real Teletubby

    Now thinks of this Your walking back to your room then you hear wierd voices then you see a woman humping and kissing a door

  • Emma Koschak
    Emma Koschak

    When she said just kidding at the end and then laughed. The laugh sounded like she really wasn’t kidding.

  • Brian Yilmaz
    Brian Yilmaz

    Wet the feck

  • homerobocanegra garcia
    homerobocanegra garcia

    Smosh, why do you deleted if cartoons were real?

  • Jeselle Ante
    Jeselle Ante

    Although its weird, I feel this is a legit problem ppl face lol. But I really don't reccomend! Pls stay safe and god bless you all!

  • Jeselle Ante
    Jeselle Ante

    Shartney fans are officially sharting

  • DaleyMix

    why do i feel like this would accualy happens

  • bluesapphireymca

    Imagine going to a guys house, he dissapears for a while and you catch him making out with a mango.

  • Vince Navarro
    Vince Navarro

    Shane looks like half ebony and half chad

  • Master CARCAR Smith
    Master CARCAR Smith

    Wtf did I just watch

  • Yassin Hendi
    Yassin Hendi


  • Bird in the Gilded Cage
    Bird in the Gilded Cage


  • TakeAHike 49
    TakeAHike 49

    Courtney had of the the gayest of ass glow ups ever like she really grew out of the school phase bro

  • Luciano Infinity
    Luciano Infinity

    Yeh yeh

  • Scott Rhinehart
    Scott Rhinehart

    Umm...I have a few questions

  • Kamado0oO Tanjiro0oO
    Kamado0oO Tanjiro0oO

    Omg SHAYNE'S HAIR!!! So adorable!!! :3

  • Pinecone Ind.
    Pinecone Ind.

    pls do the game show with daxflame pls

  • Andrew Zittel
    Andrew Zittel

    I miss the real smosh

  • Beth Schmidt
    Beth Schmidt

    So we're not going to talk about the Call Me By Your Name reference? Great taste in movies

  • Hailey James
    Hailey James

    Love the call me by ur name jokes

  • JakeisWorst yes
    JakeisWorst yes

    Door Vs Mango Who Will Win The Man

  • JakeisWorst yes
    JakeisWorst yes

    The way they pick the door is AMAZING

  • JakeisWorst yes
    JakeisWorst yes

    Kissing in quarantine uhh idk NoooooOoooooOOooO

  • JakeisWorst yes
    JakeisWorst yes

    ME ME ME

  • Mr. Ghostler
    Mr. Ghostler

    New smosh needs more salt please,

  • Mohammed Alhooti
    Mohammed Alhooti

    New ship made shmango

  • Cobe Wilson
    Cobe Wilson

    i think it would’ve been better on a glass pane

  • Ludus

    this isnt smosh

  • Pyae Phyo Maung
    Pyae Phyo Maung

    Call me perv but the truth is Courtney always turns me on

  • Something Over The Rainbow
    Something Over The Rainbow

    Shayne and Courtney: 😚 😚 Shayne and Courtney again: 😚 😚 Shayne: thIrsTY

  • Tadams303

    This is just pouring gasoline on the fire that is Shartney - LET IT BURN

  • Jayanth Gupta
    Jayanth Gupta

    I really miss the old smosh

  • AGA1318 MOBILE
    AGA1318 MOBILE

    i just translated dis shit and i regret it

  • GodLeftUsAll

    Shayne and Courtney should date


    who remembers Anthony

  • Lauren Wilk
    Lauren Wilk

    we just gonna ignore the fact that they came out of quarantine when they shouldn't have? the virus ain't fucking over, they were doing fine over video chat, so why are they coming back to work when they very well have the means to stay home?

  • Zane Gugliuzza
    Zane Gugliuzza

    who tf still watches smosh

  • Potato Nugget
    Potato Nugget

    This whole episode was hilarious but Courtney and shayne saying “I’ve eaten so much ass” at the same time did it for me

  • Potato Nugget
    Potato Nugget

    Courtney: spraying stuff Shayne: literally drilling a hole into a mango

  • TheOnlyBaliot

    How is this so perfect and extreme

  • Natasha Tapia
    Natasha Tapia

    Wow lol

  • Natasha Tapia
    Natasha Tapia

    Nice eyes