The Vlog Squad | You Posted That?
Today, we’re forcing Erin Gilfoy, Carly Incontro, and Josh Peck of the Vlog Squad to face their digital pasts on You Posted That!
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  • Cameron Stricker
    Cameron Stricker

    When my therapist asked me if I knew what some causes of my depression were, I show him the part of this video where Josh is going to give Ian a hug and not saying “hug me BROTHA”

  • Marcus Morton
    Marcus Morton

    Icarly vs drake and josh Ring announcer:From the Disney channel drake and josh

  • imstillrabia

    I know y’all are back on set, but if you did this virtually, it would be cool!!!

  • Lucas Moyer
    Lucas Moyer

    Why can they never figure that round 3 just goes left, middle, right

  • Evelyn Okamoto
    Evelyn Okamoto

    11:47 that was so shayne

  • ROC Muzik
    ROC Muzik

    "Child actor turned adult man" is the best description I've ever heard of Josh Peck.

  • dilbert and doug
    dilbert and doug

    When Josh said "I need there to be josh and someone" ny mind went straight to drake

  • Sophie Quinton
    Sophie Quinton

    I want more of this... love this game show when they were doing them... was what got me hooked on smosh as well as the board games

  • Selish

    "Well that's dangerous." you must be new here.

  • Couch Time
    Couch Time

    Josh had a major glow up

  • George Younan
    George Younan

    It took me so long to realise that's Josh from drake and Josh

  • Olivia Knox
    Olivia Knox

    Shayne laughing in the background is everything 😂😂

  • Intars

    Why wasnt David here?!

  • Comedy Vlog central
    Comedy Vlog central

    Icarly drake and josh

  • Drew Doesn’t Do Clues
    Drew Doesn’t Do Clues

    Josh should have said “Hug Me Brotha” to Ian

  • GalarianNight297

    I love Drake & Josh

  • Leah Arch
    Leah Arch

    Can anyone else hear Shayne in the back laughing

  • Ava Farahmandpour
    Ava Farahmandpour

    when Erin said what was going on on june 16 i was like my birthday. i dont even remeber if i had a party

  • Annalee Killingsworth
    Annalee Killingsworth

    9:43 Me:DRAKE 👁👄👁

  • garrison evans
    garrison evans

    They got the whole vlogsquad 😂

  • Xenox Xillia
    Xenox Xillia

    11:47 wow you can hear Shayne so clearly I love his laugh.

  • Yasunaga&Mochi

    wheres the most iconic character jason nash

  • X X
    X X

    Want to see Keanu reeves in here

  • MC Ride
    MC Ride

    I miss the old new smosh

  • Polly

    you'll never top the second hand embarrassment i got from the chris pratt episode

  • Seth Seth
    Seth Seth

    How can you have Josh Peck and not have Miranda Cosgrove and Drake Bell

  • YehetChainz ExoandBts
    YehetChainz ExoandBts

    7:34 can we appreciate how Erin was like “no not dumb” idk why I thought that was so sweet

  • David Higby
    David Higby

    David Dobrick, Natalie Noel, and Jason Nash

  • Dixie Buaas
    Dixie Buaas

    idk if this is just me but every time i heard the high note all i could think abt was scv

  • Jacie Nelson
    Jacie Nelson

    Totally get Shane Dawson and Shayne topp and Damien

  • Fahmina Zaman
    Fahmina Zaman

    Awww I miss when Keith does the little transition songs between the games :( bring it back please!!

  • Dax Steel
    Dax Steel

    I never thought that it'd be so simple i found a way, i found a way

  • Saranna Skye
    Saranna Skye


  • Danilo Papais
    Danilo Papais

    Never seen this Josh guy, Erin and Carly only reacting on FBE.

  • HoustonMC

    Hi adam

  • 0WO 69
    0WO 69


  • 0WO 69
    0WO 69

    HAHAHAHAHHA this is so cool

  • Arthur Chase
    Arthur Chase


  • I Cyclone I
    I Cyclone I

    9:42 drake and josh?

  • CourierTX

    Y’know in the beginning, they missed the opportunity to say “he puts the Josh in Drake & Josh!”

  • R.A.Z

    Unless you pull a matpat on erin

  • REIN gamer 17
    REIN gamer 17

    Porque cerraron el canal😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😩😩 estoy muy triste

  • Its Finest
    Its Finest

    Bruh, if only Erin's name is sam

  • groble

    Yeah I’d watch more of that

  • Kaptain Khaos
    Kaptain Khaos


  • JeweledJames

    what ever happened. Take me back to 2011

  • Nhox Kid
    Nhox Kid

    Where tf is Dobrik the main guys ?

  • Hugo Ramos
    Hugo Ramos

    I liked Smoshs old with Anthony and ian

  • Harrison Nichols
    Harrison Nichols

    Post more

  • The Grinch
    The Grinch

    Josh- I need someone else here on the end I feel like Carly and Erin are against me My mind- well drake couldn't make it :/

  • The Grinch
    The Grinch

    Josh- I need someone else here on the end I feel like Carly and Erin are against me My mind- well drake couldn't make it :/

  • The Grinch
    The Grinch

    Josh- I need someone else here on the end I feel like Carly and Erin are against me My mind- well drake couldn't make it :/

  • Ali Pipkins Music
    Ali Pipkins Music

    Lol josh has a hickey

  • mystic wolf
    mystic wolf

    i miss the songs

  • snXw

    Josh is here but not David Dobrik dang

  • M427 R3D
    M427 R3D

    Where is David

  • Holly

    Carly and Erin are so funny

  • Silp Valdez
    Silp Valdez

    June 16th is my birthday

  • Karen

    Jack is a boomer I meant josh

  • Ahmad Obeid
    Ahmad Obeid

    Idc what anyone else thinks but I miss the old smash with only Ian and Anthony, now it's a whole company.

  • Julian Kroener
    Julian Kroener

    its sad to see smosh doing shit like this.. love them but it just dont feel right

  • Jsh

    1:40 turns out I’m 100% dat bitc$

  • Nichole Hudgins
    Nichole Hudgins


  • Christian Hoffmann
    Christian Hoffmann

    Erin is the phoebe of the group

  • POTATO MAN :) 107
    POTATO MAN :) 107

    Shayne and Carly...just saying

  • truedardii

    Ian stop dying your hair

  • TomatoSoda

    Should’ve said “he’s the josh from drake and Josh” in the intro

  • Kelsie Banz
    Kelsie Banz

    omg smash is still a thing. its been. YEARS

    • Abc12tree :D
      Abc12tree :D


  • Im am good at cod
    Im am good at cod

    Ian’s sound like the teacher from Timmy turner

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi

    This is the crossover I’ve always wanted

  • HgihAsFcuk

    12:03 - Carly gets high all day that's pretty cool

  • krystal Marie
    krystal Marie

    The vlog squad + Josh Peck*

  • Ily Rod
    Ily Rod

    Omg Joshua so hot 🥵🥵🥵🥵😍😍😍

  • kingMxtty_

    The audience laughing is so cringy

  • Tboy 205
    Tboy 205

    Josh: *wins* [everyone liked that]

    • Ava Salomaa
      Ava Salomaa

      Tboy 205: *Spoils who won* [nobody liked that]

  • Caylee Ricketts
    Caylee Ricketts

    Kinda upset josh didn’t say “HUG ME BROTHAAA” at the end lmao

  • Abby Kent
    Abby Kent

    He needs drake with him.. carly/Erin and drake/josh

  • Alex Genovese
    Alex Genovese

    is it just me or ian isn’t funny

    • Trix_Horizon

      Alex Genovese just you

  • Rowan17

    The Carly from Carly and Erin The Erin from Carly and Erin The josh from drake and josh

  • Jenna Ann
    Jenna Ann

    I love this

  • Nextlvlgaming

    Bring my man fitz on

  • Richie Romillo
    Richie Romillo

    I now live in an era where Josh from Drake and Josh is now recognized as Josh from David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad

  • Glorious Katfood
    Glorious Katfood


  • jimena

    Why does Ian sound like the teacher from the fairly odd parents 😂 (at least to me he does)

  • Dionte Mckoski
    Dionte Mckoski

    now Just get David for try not to laugh

  • Rica Denisse Villena
    Rica Denisse Villena

    I really love Erin’s laugh.

  • Craftdan

    *Please have a You Posted That? With the entire cast of Try Guys!*

    • Juan sixtos
      Juan sixtos

      Craftdan frrrrr

  • Internet Central
    Internet Central

    I swear Carly and Erin are basically the same person

  • Internet Central
    Internet Central

    I swear Carly and Erin are basically the same person

  • Internet Central
    Internet Central

    I swear Carly and Erin are basically the same person

  • Internet Central
    Internet Central

    I swear Carly and Erin are basically the same person

  • Internet Central
    Internet Central

    I swear Carly and Erin are basically the same person

  • Cody Parker
    Cody Parker

    I thought your funyuns joke was great josh

  • Amber Williams
    Amber Williams

    4:03 a lot of john mulaney vibes from that “murderer”

  • Bemo Hive
    Bemo Hive

    love josh's attitude here he seems really childlike and joyful

  • Joseph Litman
    Joseph Litman

    Josh deserved the win after the unfair funny tweet game

  • theoriginaljillybean

    Wow josh made a come back

  • Jasmine Ald.
    Jasmine Ald.

    I totally didn’t know who is nick crompton is until erin said that: 10:22.

  • Alan Rodriguez
    Alan Rodriguez

    This was great!

  • Abby Campanaro
    Abby Campanaro

    josh is literally schmidt from new girl

    • Miriam González
      Miriam González


    • z

      no 😭 i like Josh but Schmidt is iconic