Every Theater Kid Ever
We're still going to Denny's after this right? This is EVERY THEATER KID EVER!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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  • Brook Reed
    Brook Reed

    I’m sarah

  • Spooky Baguette
    Spooky Baguette

    im that techie...

  • Lindzey Winans
    Lindzey Winans

    6:30 Anyone else notice her under the desk? 🤣

  • Irene Papageorgio
    Irene Papageorgio

    Lady Rat... Another rat.. Ensemble.. TIMOTHEE CHALAMET

  • kai the rat
    kai the rat

    3:39 why does she look like someone off Hamilton

  • Tinuola Ewaoba
    Tinuola Ewaoba


  • Nabs

    soooo the kid under the teachers desk 2:47

  • thatkid_ plays
    thatkid_ plays

    When was the last time they made a GOOD video

  • 「miss maria reynolds」
    「miss maria reynolds」

    everyone: “this is so true” me: *H A M I L T O N*

  • Froyo King
    Froyo King

    Courtney: ensemble? Me: ok, so youre joey

  • Dalena Torres
    Dalena Torres

    6:10 why is that person under the teachers desk

  • Kate Sullivan
    Kate Sullivan

    3:40 is literally Rachel from glee


    Nice Key and Peele reference with the Rachel thing

  • Matthew Bowman
    Matthew Bowman

    You did NOT just make me watch this a second time to see her (forgot her name) in each scene.

  • Delanie Dian
    Delanie Dian

    This hit to much to home ...

  • Guilherme Duarte Machado
    Guilherme Duarte Machado

    6:27 who noticed her on the floor?

  • Grace Motley
    Grace Motley

    I was in drama for all four years of high school and this video made me realize that I actually fucking hated it

  • Erik Daniel Garcia Ramirez
    Erik Daniel Garcia Ramirez

    Where is the every theater ever

  • Ryan Traves
    Ryan Traves

    Is Courtney the gay girl from 90 day fiancé 🤣

  • Toony Toons
    Toony Toons

    4:03 her name is Joey

  • Declan Glover
    Declan Glover

    Why do they keep using Fresno as their town or losers?

  • SaiyanSZN

    Who that under the desk at 6:11

  • Sxraphina

    There acting out acting *acception*

  • Mirodu 4444
    Mirodu 4444

    Someone should make a compilation of every time smosh made a Timothée Chalamet reference/joke

  • xXTheater_KidXx

    Ok I loved this video but don't joke about dear evan hansen

  • Somaya Azmy
    Somaya Azmy

    Legally gay

  • John Striker
    John Striker

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Me: 6:10 Who's that under the desk?? xD

  • Bri

    Monica as creepy sarah is just pure talent

  • Swordchicken1

    I've never been good at acting as people, but *TREE*

  • RyanPlays

    did anyone realize who was under the desk at 2:47

  • Julinces Sanchez
    Julinces Sanchez

    where are the weird intros?

  • Khalid Shah Durrani
    Khalid Shah Durrani

    Damn anti-Republican pro-Democrat Smosh

  • Gp Games
    Gp Games


  • PC Yah
    PC Yah

    1:47 Obama’s anger translator lmao

  • Irishgachawolf 1
    Irishgachawolf 1

    But when I saw them in Hamilton costumes i screeched

  • Imanoange

    *I got cast as tree number 2*

  • 5k subs without a video
    5k subs without a video

    4:10 i like how ian is just looking at a blank computer screen hahahahah

  • Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag
    Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag

    Sarah is the real actress here

  • Shimteeze3

    ololololo Fresno

  • Dakota Dad
    Dakota Dad

    People use me for my printer

  • Moop Boop
    Moop Boop

    3:30 just screams glee to me

  • Eric Buschmann
    Eric Buschmann

    The popular kids as theatre kids is real and really upsetting.

  • Eric Buschmann
    Eric Buschmann

    Her hair is pink and purple🤔

    • Dakota Dad
      Dakota Dad


  • دينا الحوسني
    دينا الحوسني

    My sister was a theater girl so I don't know why but she was so into the phase of dragon Ball z and cats she had a weird collection when she was younger but I'm not ashamed of it just she likes different things I like different types I like what's called again Twilight Twilight the first is Twilight that series was bomb it started to do that on television the second and third just ugly a h**🤭 I was scared of my mom heard me but she didn't I forgot she was at work so anyways yeah

    • Dakota Dad
      Dakota Dad


  • kyle Ellette
    kyle Ellette

    wow, i was called out on the first bit. impressive

  • Naomi

    Sitting under that desk is a whole *mood*

  • The Chicken Nugget Thief
    The Chicken Nugget Thief

    Tech do be really aggressive tho

  • cb goob
    cb goob

    Why is no one talking about how Keith KILLED IT in this video hahahah

  • Xavier Tardif
    Xavier Tardif

    as a theather kid in can say everything about this video is true

  • Noekie

    Monica is such a mood 😂 also very cute smoll bean

  • xxmidnight12xx

    “Sarah’s” a mood

  • Sillexia

    I rewatched the video because of the girl with lots of catd

  • Ameen P
    Ameen P

    where's Olivia??

  • Cody Pinyan
    Cody Pinyan

    There's not even a tree 1

  • Destiny Morgan
    Destiny Morgan

    OMGG i love yr vedo's so much

  • KingGamer777

    Keith looks like Lil Tecca

  • RiftzGT

    4:12 my guy staring at a black screen lolz

  • Joosh

    6:27 look under the teachers desk Edit: i commented before i watched the whole video.

  • Micha Goblin
    Micha Goblin

    What did you do to Tree 1?....

  • Michael Stoyles
    Michael Stoyles

    Never knew I was part tree

  • Dylan Riojas
    Dylan Riojas

    I had a play last year but we can’t do it because COVID

  • Theo Grayell
    Theo Grayell

    On the cast list it says Sarah is playing Timothee Chalamet and honestly.... I see it.

  • Connor Boyd
    Connor Boyd

    “It’s called dear heaven hair baaaaaaaaall”

  • Ami Roquet
    Ami Roquet

    Kinda accurate tho 😆

  • gamini kokawalage
    gamini kokawalage

    Who else misses Anthony 😢😢😢

  • Eliza Schuyler
    Eliza Schuyler

    Talking about hertz I know that place

  • Genius Stanio
    Genius Stanio

    Did they remove the pauses

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom

    6:29 there was a person under the desk..... Why?

  • Kate BB
    Kate BB

    0:30 oh my god I just noticed what her top says🤣 like if you think it should be part of Smosh's merch❤️

  • R3AL Nerdy boy
    R3AL Nerdy boy

    I love that they included Hamilton

  • polyarcylamide

    I'm surprised Tommy didn't get in on this one!

  • Mae Bae
    Mae Bae

    Is that girl with the short hair trying to be a knock off Anthony because if she is it ain’t working lmao nice try tho you’ll never be Anthony 😂

  • Jacob Freid
    Jacob Freid

    "having pink and blue hair is my personality"

  • MRZ1234ify

    Did anyone else notice her tail

  • Danny Le
    Danny Le

    4:11 is this a diary of a wimpy kid book 1 reference?

    • Ryan Starwalt
      Ryan Starwalt


  • Alec Is-Sigar
    Alec Is-Sigar

    Shayne that forehead.

  • Loony Dood
    Loony Dood

    They didn't do the edits ;-;

  • Yellowmaster52

    4:00 "joey"

  • Random Bish
    Random Bish

    Can i be in the rat play please, i need to become a rat creature

  • Aebics

    4:11 I love how Ian’s not even looking at anything on the desktop

  • Ally Mills
    Ally Mills

    Kelly.... Lady Rat Nancy... Another Rat Joey... Ensamble Austin... Himself Tony... Tree #2 Sarah... Timothee Kevin... Rat King

  • Rachel Lindsay
    Rachel Lindsay

    I was a theater kid in high school this is soo true. A lot of the theater kids that I sat with at lunch were very nice though.

  • 0dd_Fionix

    The epic one is the techie kid is actually there like it's an easter egg (sorry if i spelled it wrong)

  • Hailee’s world
    Hailee’s world

    They are filming dear Evan Hansen tomorrow in my neighborhood and my grandpa’s letting them park in our garage so we get 200 bucks

  • Artsie Artistic
    Artsie Artistic

    Reminds me about Key and Peele's angry translator lmao

  • Glow Mask
    Glow Mask

    Keith that was hot

  • cøttage• •gøblin
    cøttage• •gøblin

    love how everyone is wearing black converse

  • Jordan Sackmaster
    Jordan Sackmaster

    I think Kelly takes after one Rachel Barry

  • Gentleman Jex
    Gentleman Jex

    I always disliked theater kids in high school. Now in college I wound up with a girlfriend of ten months who happens to be a theater girl. Oh the irony.

  • Haley Eidsen
    Haley Eidsen

    I love references to Fresno because I live there 😳😆. Also in Monsters vs Aliens movie. Lol

  • purplecatlover1825 randompizza
    purplecatlover1825 randompizza

    I don't want to brag but, As a freshman I got the lead role in the fall play, I made it into the thespian troupe at the end of the year, became an officer in the thespian troupe (I'm the chairman of special events) and I was the only freshman to get a letter in theatre at the end of the year.

  • purplecatlover1825 randompizza
    purplecatlover1825 randompizza

    My entire personality revolves around books, percy Jackson, band, theatre, choir and band

  • Skye sorcerer
    Skye sorcerer

    When you live in Fresno: mom can we go look at the hertz dealership

  • Philip Nolan
    Philip Nolan

    I'm very sad jack didn't play as Hamilton.

  • AshWtf _
    AshWtf _

    What’s crazy I never noticed her lurking around and when I noticed my legs got folded

  • Kate BB
    Kate BB

    How is nobody talking about the rest of the roles in the musical?😂😂 4:01 Also the name of the musical is 'Rats! (The Unauthorized Musical)'

  • ItsAidan

    "He was a republican so we had to stop being friends," dang I don't get to be friends with tree man xD

  • Claire Farrar
    Claire Farrar

    That fight club reference

  • gender fluid
    gender fluid

    I couldnt focus with the person under the desk

  • 将軍将軍

    Ian does look like a theater teacher