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  • Jannik Lau
    Jannik Lau

    Me literally having insomnia watching this

  • Jalal Abdallah
    Jalal Abdallah

    0:57 the phone says April 33rd

  • Isabella Blasi
    Isabella Blasi

    Thx for more things to think about as I try to sleep I want an orca

  • DeltaDex

    This is a callout

  • Emmi Reed
    Emmi Reed

    I feel outed

  • announmous my life
    announmous my life

    Tru oh my god it is

  • Nolan Boeskin
    Nolan Boeskin

    Smosh What is some thing no one no’s about Imsomiacs

  • Nolan Boeskin
    Nolan Boeskin

    What’s a insomniac

  • Asha L
    Asha L

    I once (many times actually) went to work without sleeping and I'd tell my coworker and she'd freak out about it. Like I can control my body not wanting for me to enjoy the sweetness of semi death

  • Adil Demirel
    Adil Demirel


  • MBTV and Other Stuff
    MBTV and Other Stuff

    Kids: have insomnia because the amount of sleep they get is low because of school School: this is fine

  • Angel Villa
    Angel Villa

    All me all me

    • Admin PN
      Admin PN

      This is too real. 7:36

  • Meh Singing Monsters
    Meh Singing Monsters

    Lucky me Melatonin works for me

  • Maxwell's Arts & Skits
    Maxwell's Arts & Skits

    I love Jackie’s character in this

  • Jyothi Prakash
    Jyothi Prakash

    It's so cool that i can relate to each and every thing in this video except lactose intolerant...and also cool that im seeing thins because i cant sleep...lol

    • Admin PN
      Admin PN

      4:22 You haven't hit full insomniac until upset tummy.

  • Jeffery Watson
    Jeffery Watson

    At night there is like so much food in the day there’s nothing

    • Admin PN
      Admin PN

      Right? I think I know where the food keeps disappearing off to. 🤫 8:10

  • David Apolinar Peguero Nuñez
    David Apolinar Peguero Nuñez

    I have nightmares of this happening again I cannot sleep I stare at the ceiling for hours

    • Admin PN
      Admin PN

      7:36 I think if this happened, it'd be less of a nightmare.

  • Jacqueline Vargas
    Jacqueline Vargas

    Currently wacthing this at 12:32 at night

    • Admin PN
      Admin PN

      @Jacqueline Vargas Ah, got it. 😅 Also, this part was a mood and a half. 7:36

    • Jacqueline Vargas
      Jacqueline Vargas

      @Admin PN oop i meant wacthing

    • Admin PN
      Admin PN


  • SolisGacha

    Man I can relate to this, I’ll always go to bed (hard for me to sleep unless I’m tired) and wake up at 3-5 in the morning and most of the time not fall back asleep ;-;

  • LPS Dragonfly girl
    LPS Dragonfly girl

    0:13 you know you be getting those tingles

    • Admin PN
      Admin PN

      I think I got those tingles at 7:36. 🤭😏

  • Carlos Vargas
    Carlos Vargas

    3 months later and I just now noticed the date april 33rd

  • Sans The skeleton
    Sans The skeleton

    I love how I’m watching this at 1:30 I’m the morning

  • sssniperwolf 'z
    sssniperwolf 'z

    Why did Anthony leave

  • Quinn Lee-Newbury
    Quinn Lee-Newbury

    Not an insomniac but I dont sleep super well, but asmr has helped a lot

  • Barbie Baddie
    Barbie Baddie

    i guess i have insomnia 👁️👄👁️

  • Matthew Ward
    Matthew Ward

    My solve for scary shadows is sleeping

  • PandaYoyo31

    My record is 1 week without sleeping. I started hallucinating on the last day and decided that I had to sleep. Also I've never had a dream. This video is surprisingly accurate

  • Elyssa’s Vlog
    Elyssa’s Vlog


  • Elyssa’s Vlog
    Elyssa’s Vlog


  • Nâte

    3:00Am Me: Omg, another smosh video from 3 years ago. I HAVE to rewath it for the 8734984370722509th time

  • Богдан Компанець
    Богдан Компанець

    I don't know, somebody appreciated 12:29 on the clock at 0:50

  • mrpotato

    I have watched it like every night it helps me with sleep thanks verry much smosh😊

  • Tristan Niekerk
    Tristan Niekerk

    My favorite part is that Courtney wear a full face of makeup to bed 😂😂

  • Bio Crash
    Bio Crash

    does anybody ever get those nights were you sleep in 2hr intervals and then go back to sleep almost instantly

  • Foolish Fool
    Foolish Fool

    In the last episode of doing literally anything other than sleeping, I hyperfocused on a single grain of salt for an hour because I was so damn fascinated by its existence.

  • waffelman 8
    waffelman 8

    why did Courtney plush when she was sleeping

  • ItsJustJo

    Who else is watching this while they are supposed to go to bedtime

  • James Leach
    James Leach

    vote for biden

  • Carmen Rivera
    Carmen Rivera

    I think my sister is in insomniac

  • Rey Ocampo
    Rey Ocampo

    being insomiac and thanatophobic at the same time is the worst. take it from me.

  • Alpha Chad
    Alpha Chad

    Wtf, Ian has a Lego Delorean??? Lucky...

  • Luke Hoogenraad
    Luke Hoogenraad

    Where was the fight club reference

  • Colby Barnett
    Colby Barnett

    Warm milk with a little cocoa powder, half a teaspoon of brown sugar, and some nutmeg. You'll either sleep right there or go to the bathroom, or both.

    • Admin PN
      Admin PN

      Alternate solution: slice of cake. 8:10


    i havent gone to sleep in 30000 hrs

  • Dog Leven
    Dog Leven

    Me Every night:

    • Admin PN
      Admin PN


  • MrBebopChamploo

    See my problem isn't that I can't sleep, it's that I get more energetic the later it gets so by the time I get to a normal person bed time I'm like "why would I go to bed I'm finally happy?"

  • Kelsey Garcia
    Kelsey Garcia

    i'm sorta an insomniac...

  • Ryland Oreo
    Ryland Oreo

    I can relate 😂

    • Admin PN
      Admin PN

      I relate maybe too much. 7:36

  • Ricardo Badillo
    Ricardo Badillo

    The trick as an insomniac is to lay down like your asleep for about 4 hours while using 2 pills of melatonin and you will be asleep soon

  • Fayluna Melody
    Fayluna Melody

    .;_. im a major insomniac so I have to force myself to go to bed before a certain time otherwise I feel absolutely miserable. ALSO THIS WHOLE VIDEO IS ME WHY omg.

    • Admin PN
      Admin PN

      7:36 This scene speaks to me. 😂

  • jackson brooker
    jackson brooker

    I honestly can't tell if I have Insomnia

  • Naomi Kinsella
    Naomi Kinsella

    What's an insomniac?

  • Lucia Rosales
    Lucia Rosales

    This video is too reliable 🤣

  • Debestgamer45

    Dang this is just like me I never can sleep

    • Admin PN
      Admin PN

      I believe with all my heart that this is just Damien IRL. 7:36

  • seal

    a dark v i d e o

    • Admin PN
      Admin PN

      A true video. 7:36

  • Samantha Perry
    Samantha Perry

    My life in a nutshell:

    • Admin PN
      Admin PN

      I believe with all my heart that this is just Damien IRL. 7:36

  • Andrew Sharp
    Andrew Sharp

    This video is just me.

    • Admin PN
      Admin PN

      I believe with all my heart that this is just Damien IRL. 7:36

  • Doodle

    My insomnia in a nutshell: DracoMalfoyDracoMalfoyDracoMalfoyDracoMalfoyDracoMalfoyDracoMalfoyFoodDracoMalfoyDracoMalfoyDracoMalfoyDracoMalfoyDracoMalfoyDracoMalfoyDracoMalfoyDracoMalfoSLtoosDracoMalfoyDracoMalfoyDracoMalfoyDracoMalfoyDracoMalfoyMyiPadDracoMalfoyDracoMalfoyDracoMalfoyDracoMalfoy

    • Admin PN
      Admin PN

      Damien in a nutshell: 8:10

  • CattyMouse

    Ur not insomniac, ur nocturnal

  • Matthew William
    Matthew William

    0:50 April 33rd lol

  • Ray Thrasher
    Ray Thrasher

    Who else is watching this while having insomnia

  • Darren Gao
    Darren Gao

    Anyone else is watching this at 4:30am

  • Elyssa Cranford
    Elyssa Cranford

    does this mean i have insomnia lol

  • Eve Irish
    Eve Irish

    When u dont take your sleeping pills

  • Zach The Gay
    Zach The Gay

    Lol this is great

  • TheVlogPlayer 25
    TheVlogPlayer 25

    Uh Damien I have act popcorn too but you are supposed to shake up the bag so the butter will spread THEN you put it into a bowl I mean who doesn’t want butter all over their pocorn

    • Admin PN
      Admin PN

      You're telling this to the guy who didn't finish the other half of that pickle, sooo... 😂

  • Chloe

    Damien: you shouldn’t eat right before bed Me at 9:04 pm in bed eating coffee cake little bites: 👁👄👁

    • Admin PN
      Admin PN

      Give in to the cake. 😂 8:10

  • H3art SMP
    H3art SMP

    Well I guess I’m an insomniac

  • Adybase

    And that is why i watch asmr my friends

  • Rodolfo Rodriguez
    Rodolfo Rodriguez

    It was exactly 12:29 irl when he looked at his phone

  • Dani A.
    Dani A.

    As an insomniac, I feel attacked

  • Justrayray 124
    Justrayray 124

    Fuck I relate to this wayy to much

    • Admin PN
      Admin PN

      I believe with all my heart that this is just Damien IRL. 7:36

  • Áron Drobina
    Áron Drobina

    That lactose joke is literaly me

    • Admin PN
      Admin PN

      That fridge joke is literally him. 7:36

  • Stynx TV
    Stynx TV


  • richie sale
    richie sale

    I feel attacked

  • Do Games!
    Do Games!

    This is literally me!

  • Xena

    As an insomniac, I can 100% relate to this. Although, most of your sleep deprivation problems will go away if you take meds like I do.

  • kops

    watching this at 3am

  • Luke Stevens
    Luke Stevens

    Small question wha s wlej

  • Shayan Ather
    Shayan Ather

    Try ASMR 🤔

  • Usman Saif
    Usman Saif


    • Admin PN
      Admin PN

      That and this would make perfect ads. 7:36.

  • Jovie Phelps
    Jovie Phelps

    im an insomniac

  • Nusrat Jahan
    Nusrat Jahan

    Me watching this after staying awake the whole night : RELATABLE 100

  • Jowey Keane Du
    Jowey Keane Du

    The best vids was the old ones

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr

    I CAN'T FALL ASLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


    • Admin PN
      Admin PN

      I really hope this character is also Ben. 7:36

  • XaydenPlayz

    This whole video describes me, I have done all of these

  • Jonathan Strobel
    Jonathan Strobel

    0:46 literally me every other night

  • Kristine Ibañez
    Kristine Ibañez

    Im in this video and i dont like it.

  • Siris 95
    Siris 95

    That first bit with the alarm is me every night

  • Andrew Stevens
    Andrew Stevens

    Why is this video so true

    • Admin PN
      Admin PN

      7:36 This is me, hands down.

  • Vidit Deshpande
    Vidit Deshpande

    April 33 lol

  • Otacon 656
    Otacon 656

    I have been through ALL of this. Thank you for confirming what insomnia feels like Smosh. Know thy enemy.

  • Chloe Smith
    Chloe Smith

    The girl who can’t stop thinking at night has my energy...

  • Krissy likes Bleach
    Krissy likes Bleach

    Love how i'm watching this at 4am

  • Crystal owl297
    Crystal owl297

    Watching this at 2:00Am is funny

  • Lirma1739

    So f***ing accurate

  • Isaac Kestner
    Isaac Kestner

    Why is everything so much louder at night

    • Admin PN
      Admin PN

      8:10 You can just almost hear Damien's stomach.