Every Coffee Shop Ever
Would you like some room for coffee in that milk? This is EVERY COFFEE SHOP EVER!
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  • Noa Oliveira
    Noa Oliveira

    Janice is SUPER funny and weird

  • Alex the furry
    Alex the furry


  • Skyler R
    Skyler R


  • Misk Yt
    Misk Yt

    kambouchi girl

  • Sofia Dawood
    Sofia Dawood

    Lol their facial expressions at 4:20!! 🤣 that’s always hilarious!!

  • Usman Chohan
    Usman Chohan

    Yatt try

  • E-man316

    OK I’m buying the Coffee that they’re selling Especially the mugs

  • Sarah Jennings
    Sarah Jennings

    Also can we get a clip of just Janice please? I need her confidence in my life lol

  • Lee Felix’s Secret tik tok account
    Lee Felix’s Secret tik tok account

    Call up Janice and ask her to join Smosh or I’ll for it myself

  • Beth Anne van Voorhis
    Beth Anne van Voorhis

    2:55 What tha- ok just,.. That’s disgusting

  • Lyle Eckstein
    Lyle Eckstein

    Lucky they got to meet combuctha girl

  • Moose Wait ima a puffer fish
    Moose Wait ima a puffer fish

    Love how he smashes the glass to his head awesome keep making videos

  • Maxwell's Arts & Skits
    Maxwell's Arts & Skits

    Omg Brittany I LOVE her

  • Brynncpoli

    Me talking to my friend: gosh you’re so rude! Her: I don’t know the meaning of that word Edit: today is this videos anniversary! [ 10-14-2019 and today 10-14-2020 ]

  • orange taquitos
    orange taquitos

    My Favorite Coffee is secretly overrun by Courtney Frickin Miller. Example: Shorten My favorite coffee to MFC Then flip MFC to CFM CFM:Courtney Frickin Miller

  • Logan Watkins
    Logan Watkins

    Shayne: I must warn you these customers aren't like your typical morning customers. Damien: they're just people trying to get some coffee, right? *Janice: Allow me to introduce myself*

  • Wouldnt you like to know weather boi
    Wouldnt you like to know weather boi

    Starbucks: Whats your Name Me: Arturo Starbucks: Arsuris

  • lucky loki 07
    lucky loki 07

    2:09 he broke character he’s no longer acting

  • Nathan Heinchon
    Nathan Heinchon

    Tokyo foul coffie

  • nolan young
    nolan young

    I like my coffee black

  • Chris Y
    Chris Y

    When your name is Bruce: 3:47

  • Gabrielle Myles
    Gabrielle Myles

    Idk if they know but the my favorite coffee logo has the colors of the pan flag... ... I mean I don't want it to change I was pointing it out

  • Kids Lorimer
    Kids Lorimer

    9:43 best part jk actally 3:45 my name is bruse

  • Hey I'm Sougydoggy Literally On Roblox.
    Hey I'm Sougydoggy Literally On Roblox.


  • Bryce Strife
    Bryce Strife

    Its October 2020 and we NEED gross courtney to reappear.😂

  • James Lemings
    James Lemings



    This channel used to be great a few years ago bring it back 😭😭😭😭

  • {Fabco14 Channel}
    {Fabco14 Channel}

    Omg Stevie is there

  • Thë søft gïrl
    Thë søft gïrl

    *legend has it... Lucas still has feelings for Janice*

  • Alex Pott
    Alex Pott

    Please tell me that wasn’t real glass

  • Bastien Invicta
    Bastien Invicta

    how do i get a shirt like ryan’s?

  • Lorenzo Aloia
    Lorenzo Aloia

    Oh God I gotta sh-! Yeah that sounds about right

  • Angela Williams
    Angela Williams

    The things they do for entrainment (im using my mums phone)

  • Historia Reiss
    Historia Reiss

    Allah SWT maha babi 🎉 Nabi Muhammad SAW adalah seekor binatang hasil perkawinan silang antara monyet , babi dan anjing 🎉

  • Adiel E. Saint-Vil
    Adiel E. Saint-Vil

    Anyone here for National coffee day or is it just me?

  • Youtube Test
    Youtube Test

    reset in peace To the boy that eat glass

  • the yeet boi and please dont subscribe
    the yeet boi and please dont subscribe

    i miss the intro where they say shut up

  • Tsp Gaming
    Tsp Gaming

    Hi 👋🏽

  • Jack Gallahan
    Jack Gallahan

    4:22 Beethoven gang!!

  • epi sohard
    epi sohard

    Dude, I don't usually comment, but let's just say I had to like and comment this video!

  • IcyPopsicle

    Shayne: See what I mean? Damien: I think I love her Shayne: Well that backfired

  • André Markström
    André Markström

    Would you like some whip on that ? no but id like some nae nae

  • tokoy the dog
    tokoy the dog

    6:50 fun fact that's stevie

  • Chloe Vlogs
    Chloe Vlogs

    Starbucks what’s your name Me Karen Starbucks ok is annoying old person here? (My name is actually Chloe)

  • Srishti Gupta
    Srishti Gupta

    Smosh: Sells coffee Me: BUT WHY THO

  • Ana

    Why did nobody comment on Bruce’s order??? He ordered warm milk with 18 pumps of hazelnut

  • Jacinta Wong
    Jacinta Wong

    I don't think every coffee shop is like this

  • Jacinta Wong
    Jacinta Wong

    Can I get One More

  • Ved Chanda
    Ved Chanda

    I feel like you're being rude.' 'I don't know the definition of that word' Me: You're a walking definition of it

  • // milk tea draws //
    // milk tea draws //

    Janice: **try’s to be unattractive* Damien: *I THINK I LOVE HER* Me: *me too man, me too.*

  • Lance Pourian
    Lance Pourian


  • shawn billig
    shawn billig

    Every cffff ever

  • Shaun Yong
    Shaun Yong

    3:03 David Blaine

  • Tyranitar8u


  • Straatzz

    My favorite coffee? Not as good as top of the mornin coffee

  • Lenka Howes
    Lenka Howes

    did he actually eat glass????!!!!


    Bruise is mean and disgusting

  • Zachary Yang
    Zachary Yang

    Is that ryan guy stevie but with no beard

  • ServerMate S
    ServerMate S

    1:56 coffee teleportation

  • Alphenhous plays games!
    Alphenhous plays games!

    fun fact:it is possible to just coffee and water to taste kind of sweet if brewed right.

  • Megan Koncurat
    Megan Koncurat

    Um, I’m a barista at a local coffee shop. No one has ever used Starbucks sizes with me

  • Jedi Jensen
    Jedi Jensen

    Do you actually have a coffee shop

  • John Spencer
    John Spencer

    Kombucha girl Lowkey thicc

  • Kassidy Hicks
    Kassidy Hicks

    The first one looked like she was chewing coffee

  • Armaan Behal
    Armaan Behal

    Anyone else notice that they are playing the British Airways boarding music at 5:54?

  • Foxyfan57 Theoriginal
    Foxyfan57 Theoriginal

    Where's the soy milk

  • Diego Veras
    Diego Veras

    Wow they actually got kombucha girl

  • muzzled bug
    muzzled bug

    nobody: courtny: OH GOD I NEED TO SHIT

  • Grayson Vlogz
    Grayson Vlogz


  • Baby Jake
    Baby Jake

    I’m scared

  • darren law
    darren law

    I really don’t like the moustache on Noah when he plays jace at 4:10

  • MarioPlushStudios 2300
    MarioPlushStudios 2300

    i love how badly synced the shaking of the cup was with the actual shaking sound effect 0:40

  • Tyler JACKSON
    Tyler JACKSON

    Nnnnnnnn coffee

  • Ashley's Journal
    Ashley's Journal

    I can’t tell you how accurate this is. I work at a coffee shop 😂😂😂

  • coo_lest

    Warm milk and 18 pumps of creamer sounds like an amazing coffee.

  • Kirterria Graham
    Kirterria Graham

    About time janice finds love

  • ItsMyst3ry

    Sorry but TOTM coffee is better

  • Blast

    Every "Every "every blank ever" Ever" Ever

  • TheblueAlpha 11
    TheblueAlpha 11

    Did anyone else realise shayns eye change colour at 6:23 like the comment if you did realise

  • LiuKang_55 0
    LiuKang_55 0

    2:17 When you love/go to Starbucks too much and go to another coffee shop.

  • TacoTequil L
    TacoTequil L

    3:03 If Bruce Wayne and his parents never left the theater that one fateful night.

  • Not xd Toast
    Not xd Toast

    You know the day before this was uploaded the bruce skit happened to me lol it was so cool for that experience

  • Sunlight and Moonlight
    Sunlight and Moonlight

    Did u guys actually spit in the coffee

  • Elite Lifestyle
    Elite Lifestyle

    question HOW DO THEy KEEP GETTing THESE JoBs

  • Aj games
    Aj games


  • Samuel cresswell
    Samuel cresswell


  • Miharu Sora
    Miharu Sora

    5:02 Kombucha Girl 5:42 Kombucha Girl Face

  • thatsmoshfan waitisthatgraystillplays
    thatsmoshfan waitisthatgraystillplays

    I didn't realize Janice was in this one.

  • Wyatt Hortman
    Wyatt Hortman

    why did noah eat glass?

  • Corin Gutteridge
    Corin Gutteridge

    2:00 lol

  • Ankita Narang
    Ankita Narang

    0:56 is this Damien saying coming right up? Soothing voice

  • It’s me bish Ughh
    It’s me bish Ughh

    For bruceeeee

  • It’s me bish Ughh
    It’s me bish Ughh

    Whoever dislikes this I swear to god I will find and hunt you down........

  • Life whack stories
    Life whack stories

    Quarantine got me so bored I'd love to put myself through that Shakey and shit thing with the coffee.. probably one hell of an experience.

  • Ankita Narang
    Ankita Narang

    1:55 puts the cup on a side table and picks it up after paying from the front counter. Magiqué

  • Aidan Kurland
    Aidan Kurland

    No but i get out of my car but the body was gone 5:00

  • Melody Jane Nelson
    Melody Jane Nelson

    the art of the wigzzz !

  • Katrina Harrison
    Katrina Harrison

    Can you please make a video with me tomorrow I live in portaged Wisconsin

  • Little Miss Spaced Out
    Little Miss Spaced Out

    i work in a starbucks inside a kroger, and the evening customer thing is so true 🤣

  • Minecraft_is_the_best

    4:56 I watched this vid like 20 times and I only get this pun now.