Every Awkward Moment Ever
Prepare to cringe. This is EVERY AWKWARD MOMENT EVER!
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  • Rachel Marzullo
    Rachel Marzullo

    You know that awkward moment when you sit on ketchup.

  • dalton duff
    dalton duff

    So many flashbacks

  • Manav Udgirkar
    Manav Udgirkar

    6:31 literally described Jake and Amy's first date (from brooklyn nine-nine)

  • Ben Alexander
    Ben Alexander

    5:24 among us be like

  • Abir Boss
    Abir Boss

    5:28-5:53-6:06 OMG I CANT STOP LAUGHING!!! 🤣🤣

  • Laal Zu
    Laal Zu

    “ the awkward moment when we touch hands “ cutest thing ever by Courtney 😍🤪😂

  • Moksh Sharma
    Moksh Sharma

    6:40 onwards 🤣🤣🤣

  • Feed-Me-The-Memes

    Solution to this video: Never talk to anyone

  • Levin Rosales
    Levin Rosales

    I-i lov*laughing*e whe....*laughing*n ian groans

  • Dillon Simmonds
    Dillon Simmonds

    0.3 wem

  • that chaotic bi theatre kid
    that chaotic bi theatre kid

    “oh my god, we just touched hands, that’s sooo awkward! ugh, that’s sooooo awkwaarrrd!!” people in 2020:

  • duckmanold 123
    duckmanold 123

    well.. this is awkward

  • Crazykennybop .-.
    Crazykennybop .-.


  • willi just willi
    willi just willi

    7:15 me on first date

  • [GD] NaniNinja
    [GD] NaniNinja

    "And I had a threesome with Grace Kelly"

  • AwesomeZac


  • Suheil yusufali
    Suheil yusufali

    7:10 is it just me or does Courtney sound like the old David parody

  • хреновый свинья
    хреновый свинья

    Accuracy _100_

  • alex maldonado
    alex maldonado

    Are you mad at me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mangle

    3:18 honestly ima use that the next time my class mate (which is a boy) says I’m there girl friend lol

  • Boomerplays


  • David Moslares
    David Moslares

    Only legends can finish the whole video

  • Maxxy Moo3000
    Maxxy Moo3000

    Me: Heeeeeyyyyy dude Him: my name is bro

  • Abednego Stanley
    Abednego Stanley

    Wish had the scene between olivia and ian in real life

  • Xaeza Olt
    Xaeza Olt

    The first bit about the you too was low key Brian Regan's joke

  • sulit jc • 5 years ago
    sulit jc • 5 years ago

    Shayne and courtney is match Edit: sorry fir bad english im trying my best

  • Joanna Turner
    Joanna Turner

    I feel like this actually hurt Ian to hear.

  • Ciro Ascarelli
    Ciro Ascarelli

    2:09 The situation itself isn't that much awkward, but THAT...FOCKIN'...HANDSHAKE 🤝 😬😬😬😬😬 Jeezs Christ

  • Moenk

    7:15 why does this sound exactly like Jackie?!

  • Eliora Games
    Eliora Games

    I can now rest easily knowing Damien is not the 'Duke of Dinner'

  • EE Y
    EE Y

    So the video shows that what happens in awkward moment or just shows every awkward moments

  • eric mcghee
    eric mcghee

    There's something about this video that makes me wish I was a SMOSHer.

  • debby duarte the portuguese stitcher
    debby duarte the portuguese stitcher

    I love smosh i cant watch it any more DAMIEN is sooooooo HOT hes so cuddly i wish i could be his maid just so i could clean his house and be close to him all day every day

  • peopleandanimalslovm

    5:55 the scene I just-

  • rae anders
    rae anders

    Why did this hurt me so much

  • RealRainPlayz

    i know how to make smosh grow fast again bring back anthony

  • Pål-Roar Johannesen
    Pål-Roar Johannesen

    I one time high fived a guy that was waving goodbye to us as he was about to go. It still haunts me to this day.

  • Phantom Sans
    Phantom Sans

    Well..... That was akward

  • sean kitt
    sean kitt

    like number nice

  • Voliak

    When Courtney was doing the “awkward hehe” I just thought of A Sven Johnson skit

  • Dailydoseofrandomness J
    Dailydoseofrandomness J

    Another awkward moments is when you go to ask your teacher a question after class but you have to wait for them to finish their convo with another teacher

  • Tom Chen
    Tom Chen

    What’s the name of Ashley?

    • THAT KID
      THAT KID


  • wolf_gaming stuff
    wolf_gaming stuff

    By~ sometimes i dont wanna be happy


    Shayne: Mike, what’s up man Ian: Heeeeeeeeeeyyy, WHO THE HELL IS THAT?! 😂😂

  • Anthony Ditizio
    Anthony Ditizio

    3:16, 9:14

  • Salty Applez
    Salty Applez

    wtf what's next every moment ever JK KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK I LOVE EVERY BLANK EVER VIDS

  • duncan zanjnai
    duncan zanjnai

    is it just me or is this channel not the same annymore

  • Taylor Imes
    Taylor Imes

    the poop scene lmfao 😂😂

  • Qat f
    Qat f

    7:10 my mind when i accidentaly bump into my crush

  • Anthony Ambro
    Anthony Ambro

    This video made feel so akward...

  • TornadicGYT

    yes hello the restaurant at 0:00 was owned by my uncle but it closed down 6 years ago it is in Minneapolis Minnesota

  • Lenny Fortnite And ROBLOX
    Lenny Fortnite And ROBLOX

    This 9:17 to this 9:41

  • Vienna Phan (581viephan)
    Vienna Phan (581viephan)

    I love Shayne's fake cry! :D

  • Terrible Mac
    Terrible Mac

    This hurt my life

  • MrGlobalTraveler

    Courtney is so hilarious 🤣 😆 😂

  • Reece Arnott
    Reece Arnott

    Shane's laugh got me in the zone

  • Kai wagner
    Kai wagner

    I've survived all these examples. It's fine. Everything is fine. Thanks you too.... fack. It's fine.

  • •Crispyy•

    It would be even more awkward if they used the first takes

  • Chioban Noel
    Chioban Noel


  • CoCoNuT

    stop it. stop IT. STOP ITTTTTT!!!!!

  • Iverson Rosa
    Iverson Rosa

    This vids makes me so uncomfortable jesus way too relatabke keep it up guys

  • Jacob Lozano
    Jacob Lozano

    The secondhand embarrassment from this is killing me

  • Liam Hart
    Liam Hart

    :( i wanna watch smosh but my mom said i cant anymore >:(

  • Tyffanee Lavely
    Tyffanee Lavely

    The part with Shayne and Damien is my favorite. When he finally admits that he pooped, the hugging and apologizing. It's hilarious.

  • Donald Modi
    Donald Modi

    I f-king took a huge dump. I'm sorry. (Crying...)

  • Creamy Oreos Studios
    Creamy Oreos Studios

    4:06 she’s in one of those manscaped shaver adds

  • Kyo

    4:10 the more ian talked the less sense it made xDD

  • Charlie Meikle
    Charlie Meikle

    What about calling you’re teacher mom

  • Stella Repnau
    Stella Repnau

    That awkward moment when.... You sit on ketchup?!

  • Jake.


  • Dog Leven
    Dog Leven

    Every awkward moment is awkward

    • l l
      l l


  • Ash KautemAll
    Ash KautemAll

    All of these moments are like a cancers worst nightmare. So cringey

  • Andreas Dyvik Cardona
    Andreas Dyvik Cardona

    6:24 I can see you are trying to not laugh 😂

  • Buttered Piece Of Toast
    Buttered Piece Of Toast

    I feel pain

  • Caution Tea
    Caution Tea

    Can u guys do every Maths ever?

  • Jayla Ragan
    Jayla Ragan

    I said bless you when my friends dad spilled his drink 😂

  • final stride
    final stride

    I feel personally attacked.....with all these scenes

  • Peterbcfc64

    6:13-6:30 😂 Shayne is so funny

  • Arianne Bojko
    Arianne Bojko

    She is a lieing

  • The god awful Gamer squad
    The god awful Gamer squad

    00:29 I see that tapatio hot sauce in the backround!

  • Can you not tho
    Can you not tho

    Why is this like, me in every single conversation I have

  • Alaina Drinkwater
    Alaina Drinkwater


  • mako

    Idk her name but it was Ashley in this why dose she look like the Titan that ate erens mom when she smiles lmao

  • Official INV3RTY
    Official INV3RTY

    I feel alot of cringe during this video

  • Now is Present
    Now is Present

    That awkward moment when: yOu sIT oN kEtcHUp!!!

  • Rob Smith21
    Rob Smith21

    This is. Def. awk

  • An yee
    An yee

    Ah.. We all had some of these moments happened to us at least once

  • sir_dog

    wow this video has 1M views and pretty much every Every Blank Ever has AT LEAST 5M

  • Potato Togepi
    Potato Togepi

    6:25 Shayne looks like hes trying not to laugh more than cry XD

  • {Kia}

    1:07 is me everyday


    This video was so awkward...

  • Lysandish

    If someone comes up to me and knows me but I don’t know them I just straight up say I don’t remember their name. Like it’s gonna be awkward for me if I pretend to know it But There’s a chance it’ll be awkward for them if I just say I don’t remember them.

  • Lil Cryptz
    Lil Cryptz

    And now I’m starting to wonder if Shane is gay 😂😂

  • Dont Self Promote
    Dont Self Promote

    They forgot: you think you see your friend, you go up to them say something dumb, only for them to turn around and not be your friend

  • Moomoomeow

    lol Olivia just did one shot, Keith and Noah are MIA, wth is going on with smosh?? it's been so tough since Anthony left but it became bearable when ian, shayne, Courtney, Olivia, keith and noad continued the journey, especially every blank ever but now?? half of the gang are now rarely on camera, wth is going on?

  • Amarok

    CRINGE 😬

  • Bethy Boo
    Bethy Boo

    When someone's on the phone and you think they're talking to you ...😅

  • That very random gamer
    That very random gamer

    When shayne was fake crying and saying I'm sorry, you can see him smiling at the same time 😆

  • HyteSmothery 9
    HyteSmothery 9


  • Pixelated fly trap 5783
    Pixelated fly trap 5783

    I love how when Damien said he didn’t poop and then he was saying he was sorry it was obvious he was trying not to laugh