30 Year Old On TikTok Gets Cancelled
In this Totally True Documentary, we go behind-the-scenes with a 30-year-old TikTok user who recently got cancelled.
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Ian Hecox // instagram.com/ianhecox/
Noah Grossman // instagram.com/noahgrossman214/
Kimmy Jimenez // instagram.com/kimmydoesstuff
Monica Vasandani // instagram.com/monicavas
Amanda Lehan-Canto / instagram.com/filmingamanda
Directed By: Courtney Miller
Executive Producer: Ryan Finnerty
Written By: Monica Vasandani, Kurt Maloney, Lorraine Degraffenreidt, Cole Hersch
Production Manager: Alicia Gaynor
Production Coordinator: Nancy Azcona
DP: Brennan Iketani
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Editor: Brian Rosenthal
Assistant Editor: Matt Duran
GFX: Brittney Metz
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
Executive Assistant: Sammie Miller
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  • Dano Xvio
    Dano Xvio

    Remember when people bullied adults and weird people and now full of eboys and werids adults and snowflakes

  • Shadow and Pastel
    Shadow and Pastel

    Emma gweck EMMA GWECK!? Why my name?😫

  • Colby Yep
    Colby Yep

    She makes me cringe

  • At least I try
    At least I try

    “Take me out to the back of the shed shoot me in the back of the head” is metal as hell

  • Stacy Judice
    Stacy Judice

    She has another good joke lady don’t believe them just do a TickTock and just be what you wanna do a TickTock just be what you want to be be it don’t listen drunk idiots they are bad for you that is why you shouldn’t listen to them and you’re not a banded OK if you even think about it don’t even think about

  • indygirlie

    My almost 24 year sister is on Tik Tok.. O-o

  • King Alex
    King Alex

    Who dabs anymore

  • Jex Productions
    Jex Productions

    She got her kid at 18

  • Assassin-Alex1

    You should make another one of these videos.

  • Meliha Pérez Halpern
    Meliha Pérez Halpern

    Her friend went live but dident have 1000 followers

  • Mina Ashido
    Mina Ashido

    9:12 I have that same pillow

  • Gaming Master
    Gaming Master


  • Christopher bacon
    Christopher bacon


  • Erica Drummond
    Erica Drummond

    That’s making fun of people who r disabled

  • John Stan The Millennial Man
    John Stan The Millennial Man

    I laughed so fucking hard when I saw Ian was her mom

  • Toxic_ Acid73
    Toxic_ Acid73

    and this is why millennials shouldn't be on TikTok.

  • not cool youtuber
    not cool youtuber

    Gen z is so much better

  • Belle Kelly
    Belle Kelly

    Emma's jacket looks retro

  • Suryansh Rana
    Suryansh Rana

    10:05 hol up she just said that "something ALLISON dosent know" which she banged Allison's dad which is also her own dad



  • Alek Sripipatana
    Alek Sripipatana

    WHAT Courtney can direct

  • [[Slice of Phoenix]]
    [[Slice of Phoenix]]

    TikTok Gets Cancelled

  • Beefy Spark26
    Beefy Spark26

    2:10 Usain Bolt?

  • jc as
    jc as

    My mom is 37 and my dad is 41

  • Franklin Swerdlove
    Franklin Swerdlove

    why is this so realistic like omg

  • blizzard virus
    blizzard virus

    dont worry millenials boomers are also in tiktok comment what you think about veganteacher

  • Dog spelled Backwards
    Dog spelled Backwards

    "take me out to the back of the shed, shoot me in the back of the head" lol

  • Davor Lah
    Davor Lah

    Dude she 32 she generitaion u not milenial

  • Justrayray 124
    Justrayray 124

    The spring time of youth

  • Shadow_ Legend?7
    Shadow_ Legend?7

    You can’t duel but if you want to join in the video will already be posted so it won’t be live

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    Vladimir Zafiroski

    Why is here mouth always open

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    Antony Bihari

    I miss the old smosh it was way funnier

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  • ŞHÆŘÏĶ 10
    ŞHÆŘÏĶ 10

    Shark disease

  • Kara Lindsay Anderson
    Kara Lindsay Anderson

    Millenials are not in thier 30s...or is that the joke? Millenials are kids born between 2000 to 2010...

  • Kate BB
    Kate BB

    hold on i just saw Amanda/30 year old on tik tok on an ad before this video started wth like its fine I was just surprised seeing her outside of smosh😂

  • Lalngailiana Guite
    Lalngailiana Guite

    Kill me I don't 12 share this Bosch

  • Gargwin Vinesnake
    Gargwin Vinesnake

    It's crazy how Noah's fashion changed after that make over video years ago.

  • Owen

    "Why couldn't you just do this on facebook?"

  • Julius Scott
    Julius Scott

    They did it tiktok ruined for us

  • Sollus Markis
    Sollus Markis

    Kimmy looks good in that wig

  • chase

    Ahh good ol' social media now addays someone cries over someone else and everyone hates them

  • YuviTheBoi 0
    YuviTheBoi 0

    she was 18 when her niece was born

  • LucasCAPS

    BTW, Noah exists, nice.

  • LuLu

    me just realizing that this video is a joke......

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki

    Idk about you guys but Kimmy is the best part of this sketch 🤣 Amanda'a acting is so on point too 🤣👌

  • Trash Goblin
    Trash Goblin

    despite the fact that this is a fictitious comedic sketch, it still gives me conniptions

  • Lasha Gabisonia
    Lasha Gabisonia

    When she dabbed I was like ,, hey, is this 911"

  • Rebecca Alers
    Rebecca Alers

    You either watch your mom stop appearing in your videos or become your mom yourself

  • TheHelloGuy

    Good jon

  • emily bounds
    emily bounds

    Her: omg I got banned Also her:*makes a new account*

  • Sidiq Suparman
    Sidiq Suparman

    When she say charli Antonio I thought they say charli and tonio

  • Desirea

    Knowing this is comedy and also being one of those 30+ years olds on tiktok

  • Griffen Despain
    Griffen Despain

    puberty has not been kind to dora the explorer.

  • Hijinks Will ensue
    Hijinks Will ensue

    Tik tok gets cancelled by a 70 year old orange

  • Amy Mifsud
    Amy Mifsud

    Mark Zuckerberg is not a millennial but he invented social media account

  • Yeeteyebois ROBLOX
    Yeeteyebois ROBLOX


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    Rman Nayr


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


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    kermitree 889

    RockRick is a big fan of Emma eh?

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    Linton Pagalan

    She is the worst

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    gengar army

    Omg this is how karens are made!!!!!

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    Fishtastic 502

    I wish Anthony was still at smosh, he made it 10x funnier.

  • an attempt of comedy
    an attempt of comedy

    I swear good channels now are like OmG I LoOoOvE tIk ToK lIkE ReNaGaDe

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    Lamia Samad

    Now you can’t be a muslim

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    Hayden Mercier

    I’m Emma and I’m 32222222

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    Amelia McEvoy

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    Sainted Cake

    Ian as a mom is ianmom

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    She don't look like she's 30 she looks like she's 23

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    Epix La Flame

    “How old are you?, 64?” -some random user

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    Sky High

    At least it’s fake

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    Sky High

    *totally real* Totally discussing

  • Vienna Phan (581viephan)
    Vienna Phan (581viephan)

    9:15 *that doll really got me saying "and i oop"*


    You know there social media addicts when they have a southern Californian accent.

  • Reem ريم
    Reem ريم

    Why dose she have a live love laugh she is a karen

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    Shah Wannabe

    If this actually happens I’d support the old lady 💖

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    Bastic B W

    Sorry they mentioned mid life crisis. Do kids without vaccines get to there midlife crisis at 2?

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    tony the tiger

    I know this is fake but how does Charlie Antonio have 1b likes?

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    Mr Blueberry

    How do you spell dictionary? Is it: D-I-C-K-T-I-O-N-A-R-Y

  • The Man on The Moon
    The Man on The Moon

    Her: usain bolt dab Me: **dies inside and outside simultaneously**

  • OctoBro

    I would do that for 💰

  • OctoBro

    I think I saw the guy with glasses in a Netflix movie

  • Jenna Mcgarrigle
    Jenna Mcgarrigle

    Lol Alison has 170 followers rn

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    Rose Drops

    I wish this was a dr Phil episode

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    Imrose Alam


  • Miller Beavers
    Miller Beavers

    She’s as old as my mom lol

  • Harper Hhghhh
    Harper Hhghhh

    Why do you wanna get big on tiktok “for the fun of it” Why do you wanna get big tiktok Me:for to be famous

  • Bhaskar Kakati
    Bhaskar Kakati

    Need more of Amanda in the mainstream Smosh videos.. Who else wants to see her in Try Not to Laugh??


    Anyone here before the ban

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    E Brodsky

    I need to name my child Dylann With Two N’s: The Girl

  • Mr Sliced
    Mr Sliced

    Emma really made me cringe like even tho its fake still good job on ur acting

  • micheal with a B
    micheal with a B

    Damn... 32 y/os are millennials now? I tell you man time flies