Every Sick Day Ever
If your coughs are as loud and powerful as the bass in your speakers, you should probably stay home. This is EVERY SICK DAY EVER!
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  • Lonely Little Wolfie
    Lonely Little Wolfie

    I think I got sick just from watching this video

  • allieandfluff

    HAHAHA at 2:06 when she said “hey sherry” it turned on the Siri on my phone lol

  • khady hani
    khady hani

    Me:*not wearing mask* Corona:hehe boi


    2:59 i think the united states of america became divided so no covid and people divide to not get corona

  • Extreme Dave
    Extreme Dave

    Me: *throwing up blood* Mom: YoUr FiNe, Go tO SchOol

  • Thanrick

    0:13 this scene looks like a 15 year olds room anyway

  • Raging Overwatch
    Raging Overwatch

    3:38 That’s just me in general.

  • Micah Camerino
    Micah Camerino

    After u feel better pls recover from fever for 24 hours so u will not spread too much germs

  • Omar Fransisco
    Omar Fransisco

    Before this used to be a joke and now this is a fear

  • Woodster 605
    Woodster 605

    3:45 no that’s just me everyday


    me when i wake up: FikVe MOkRe meeNuTeS

  • Julissa Andrew
    Julissa Andrew

    5:03 WOW those coughs were CHRONCHY

  • Maggie Goldberg
    Maggie Goldberg

    Nobody: Me feeling bad at 3:24 when she said she wouldn’t take care of him and he was sad 😭😭😭😭🥺🥺😖😖

  • BlastZd

    Watching this video made me sick😷

  • oraxlor

    2020 when they hear that cough~ CORONAVIRUS

  • Gustavo Costa
    Gustavo Costa

    that red haired girl had like 2kg of make up on lol

  • Aiden Slater
    Aiden Slater

    I’m from Buffalo

  • Colin McSherry
    Colin McSherry

    Girl in the hospital must have covid

  • Jaime Walling
    Jaime Walling

    corona be like: 🤠

  • Kamron Umarov
    Kamron Umarov

    I haven’t had a sick day for like 4 years lmaooo

  • james hedden
    james hedden

    Ayye I'm from the buffalo area and those jokes killed me

  • Soggy Pancake
    Soggy Pancake

    how corinavirus was created

  • Maiya Koloski
    Maiya Koloski

    Friend: Hey I don't see you, are you sick? No...I'm freaking invisible. What do you think?

  • Zakaria Arif
    Zakaria Arif

    I do this all the time when I’m sick and when I’m not sick 3:37

  • Giotheking BFUP
    Giotheking BFUP

    I..like salty....crackers......

  • amber coan
    amber coan

    Buffalonian here 😂👌

  • Irene Dee
    Irene Dee

    Is that the merell twin’s?

  • Gacha Gum Mille
    Gacha Gum Mille

    Ngl i Feel Like Puking in Irl :

  • yuvraj roopnarine
    yuvraj roopnarine

    Woah this is really weird watching this right now

  • annietheunicorn i love zailetsplay and unicorn
    annietheunicorn i love zailetsplay and unicorn

    I can't believe I saw vericona and vanessa

  • Titoria

    Funt fact: I'm watching this while i'm sick

  • Jason Chiriano
    Jason Chiriano

    My fridge when I’m sick:🍌🍑. My fridge when I’m not sick:🍑🧅🥭🧈🍇🥨🥭🍳🍆🍑🍇🥭🥭🍳🥭🌭🍇🍗🍇🥭🥞🥖🍆🍳🥓🌭🍑🍖🥭🥨🍆🧈

  • twdg obsessed
    twdg obsessed

    Im sick and this is what my life looks like

  • Teddy bear King
    Teddy bear King

    I’m actually sick right now like really sick I don’t got the coronavirus I just got a really bad cold

  • Maria Mulla
    Maria Mulla

    Anyone else watching this while there ill

  • iriliz cardona
    iriliz cardona


  • Sarah


  • Nicole Gonzalez
    Nicole Gonzalez

    I have a comment / joke about Damien and eating a peach but I'm pretty sure I'll get banned from SLtoos

  • SkarX

    This were the first symptoms of the corona virus

  • Fiona King
    Fiona King

    Nobody gonna say anything about roni and nessa?

  • Aaron Ko
    Aaron Ko

    If all of them were sick like that CORONAAAAAA

  • Applesauce

    Very close to covid Divided states of America ok wtf smosh you know to much 🤣

  • p1cha


  • Jaxon Playz_YT
    Jaxon Playz_YT

    Ffffffiiiffff mooooorrrreee mmiinnnnuuttteessss

  • MDC Productions
    MDC Productions

    Watching this during the pndeic 😂

  • Aaron Wants Milk
    Aaron Wants Milk

    4:17 Call him scooby because he can't doo this anymore :>

  • RainTheWaterNinja

    No onextalking about that they said the divided states of America lol

  • kristine ibanez
    kristine ibanez

    Baby damien is adorable tho

  • T-gaming official
    T-gaming official

    I watch this video every time im sick and it makes me fell better 🤒🤮🤮🤧🤧🤢🤢🤢🤢🤒🤒🤒😷

  • Elysia Gamble AKA Taylor Swift Fan
    Elysia Gamble AKA Taylor Swift Fan

    When u said “hey Siri or what ever it activated my Siri on my phone 😂”

    • Im_the Dogie WHO LETS THE DOG OUT
      Im_the Dogie WHO LETS THE DOG OUT


  • Ding Costales
    Ding Costales

    THIS IS ME! 5:51 lol

  • Tayvieon purple lightning
    Tayvieon purple lightning

    5:22 this is how coronavirus started

  • Rossa and Annalese
    Rossa and Annalese

    It's funny because I watched this when I was sick.

  • Extreme_ Doggo324
    Extreme_ Doggo324

    5:52 That is the most relatable thing *EVER*

  • Aleah Speck
    Aleah Speck

    2020 be like when your sick “kIlL iT aaAAaAaAaAaAaAAAAAaAaAaAaaaAAaAAhHHHHHHHHHhHhhHhhHhHhhHhhHHHhHhHH!!

  • Gani Putra
    Gani Putra

    Women: yeah i dont feel well Women again: 5 More MINS 3000 years later. ... Women: i Gosh i sleped all night Aliens: DEAR CITIZENS OF AMERICA WERE ARE HERE Women: Oh sh#¡t Me: why did she say shes gonna sleep for 5 more mins WHEN SHE WOKE UP IN THE YEAR 300 WTF

  • DeputyChris - Roblox
    DeputyChris - Roblox

    It’s way different now

  • •that one_ Cosplayer シ•
    •that one_ Cosplayer シ•

    At this point we all need this for COVID-19

  • Itz-Aisu

    Me watching this in corona time

  • Cherry Jonah
    Cherry Jonah

    Me: I'm so sick today My mum: uhhhhhh f**k no Mum: :calling 911 HELP PISSSSS :911 nope go f**k your son bye b**

  • Luke The Legend
    Luke The Legend

    Who’s here now that being sick is deadly

  • LimitlessGamingYT

    2:04 my Siri activated

  • Gloging girlz
    Gloging girlz

    this is REALLY funny

  • Dante Kewageshig
    Dante Kewageshig

    Oh it’s okay sweetheart YOUR GOING TO SCHOOL

  • Dante Kewageshig
    Dante Kewageshig

    My mom

  • Dante Kewageshig
    Dante Kewageshig

    Stabs hand

  • FlowersCanDraw

    6:26 Ian sounds like Beetlejuice (Beetlejuice from the musical)

  • MarioPlushStudios 2300
    MarioPlushStudios 2300

    The first footage of corona virus

  • Lucia Kucker
    Lucia Kucker

    Is the Merrell twins in this video

  • Brooklyn Churchill
    Brooklyn Churchill

    Auto ammune dieases be like: Allergies be like:

  • Mark Marshall
    Mark Marshall

    I love this.

  • bannabutt33_gc

    2:45 who sleeps with all makeup on 🤔

  • Eepers Jeepers
    Eepers Jeepers

    The sound of the alarm going off gave me literal anxiety who made that choice and w h y

  • hirveenpro o
    hirveenpro o

    Every sick world ever

  • Some Person
    Some Person

    Imagine if they made a "Every ... Ever" with only bloopers... now that is what I would watch everyday!

  • The Olive Gaming
    The Olive Gaming

    1:38 corona got her

  • Astrid Mellqvist
    Astrid Mellqvist

    Anyone else sick 🤒

  • Maia Feldt
    Maia Feldt

    Watching this during covid hits different

  • Brinlee A.
    Brinlee A.

    I live in buffalo ny😂😂

  • Par Ku Ceu
    Par Ku Ceu

    The first one is so me when i have hey fever 😹

  • Margaret Nicola B
    Margaret Nicola B

    It's a sick day for me. Stomach was bothering me the whole night and🤮🤮🤮🤮 a few times. My gastritis was acting up I must have eaten something that didn't agree with my stomach. I feel like a zombie today because I was up the whole night.☹ Gastritis is caused by certain foods over a period of time eating too many tomatoes in the past might have caused it.

  • YEEL Your Everyday Extraordinary lessons
    YEEL Your Everyday Extraordinary lessons

    Nobody: Kim Jung-un's surgeon: 1:40

  • Shannon Flores
    Shannon Flores


  • jkelements

    Me watching this during corana knowing that you predicted the future

  • Carol Melendez
    Carol Melendez

    3000? Oh wait....TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!!!!

  • Cooper Glover
    Cooper Glover

    Who else is watching this in 2020 my coronavirus is happening in quarantine

  • thatsmoshfan waitisthatgraystillplays
    thatsmoshfan waitisthatgraystillplays

    The fact the Merrell twins were in this probably made people think Jackie was also a guest but she wasn't.

  • •Brøken Lxcifer•
    •Brøken Lxcifer•

    Im actually sick rn so i can relate

  • E.g

    It's funny that they released this video three months before a world wide pandemic.

  • Jannat Asif
    Jannat Asif

    D e v i l

  • 20k subs for among us
    20k subs for among us

    Literally you won’t see this but if you do have a great day

  • James Wnek
    James Wnek

    This did not age well

  • Seeker Smelt
    Seeker Smelt

    1:29 when people with allergies smells a peanut

  • Thomas Vill Pacana
    Thomas Vill Pacana

    Did anyone notice the merrel twins

  • 1S LEO
    1S LEO

    This is wierd I'm sick and now I'm watching this

  • sansalazygamer 69
    sansalazygamer 69

    Someone does drugs!

  • Plont

    For some reason I can relate to this

  • Dawson Stevens
    Dawson Stevens

    Boss: OMG she is so fucking weak her: I have Corona Boss: fuck

  • kala saha
    kala saha

    Oh god

  • Jeremey Bagel
    Jeremey Bagel

    Oh my gosh shayne breaking up with his fridge was the best