Boomers vs Gen Z
Whether you’re a Boomer or a Zoomer (Gen Z), chances are you probably HATE millennials.
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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Ian Hecox //
Courtney Miller //
Shayne Topp //
Olivia Sui //
Kimmy Jimenez //
Director: Shayne Topp
Executive Producer: Ryan Finnerty
Writers: Shayne Topp, Damien Haas, and Kurt Maloney
Head Writer: Monica Vasandani
Production Manager: Alicia Gaynor
Production Coordinator: Nancy Azcona
Production Assistant: Jacqi Jones
DP: Brennan Iketani
Camera Operator: Kevin Rygg
AC: Darren Kho
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Art Department Assistant: Yasmeen Mughal
Set Dresser: Austin Barrett
Sound Mixer: Chris Marino
Sound Mixer: Kevin Rygg
Editor: Robyn Couch
Assistant Editor/DIT: Matt Duran
GFX: Brittany Metz
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
Stage Manager: David Hill
Executive Assistant: Sammie Miller
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  • ismael

    Jajajaja soy un milenial

  • AlvinIsNub

    Remember lunchables holy fucking shit that hit hard

  • Shaunak Date
    Shaunak Date

    Ha they are making millennial jokes when they are millennials

  • yayuman 348
    yayuman 348

    1 there is no amendment that says you have the "right to smoke weed" and there's a huge difference between riots and protests

  • Jillian

    What Baby Boomer has Gen Z kids?

  • GachaTheory

    Serious question I need answered are “12” year olds considered Gen Z?

    • Jack The PBS Kid
      Jack The PBS Kid

      @GachaTheory your welcome Lol

    • GachaTheory

      @Jack The PBS Kid okay Tysm I was confused lol

    • Jack The PBS Kid
      Jack The PBS Kid

      Yes... 8 to 25 year olds are considered Gen Z So My Brother and me Are Considered Gen Z

  • pokee animation
    pokee animation

    I miss the og days

  • シKrazyK707

    i remember shayne

  • Nicholas Weimer
    Nicholas Weimer

    My grandma has the same painting in the background in the ian and courtney setting.

  • Y-Ask !?
    Y-Ask !?

    damn now i feel ashamed of being millennial I'm getting old

  • harry butt plug
    harry butt plug

    If you hold your right ear and hop on one foot your arms go numb 😂🤣😂

  • Bennie Boy
    Bennie Boy

    Loved how Shayne mentioned 'Digimon'. It's my favorite anime up to this day even.

  • Violent Starling
    Violent Starling

    me a millennial watching this lol

  • Usman Ali
    Usman Ali

    666 dislikes the evil of the haters to remove smash but it will never happen

  • Panzershrek

    666 dislikes

  • Shaina Morehouse
    Shaina Morehouse

    Oh my gosh I love everything Shayne mentioned 😭

  • JusticeAmayah Beeman
    JusticeAmayah Beeman

    Ok but our parents r gen x, unless they’re those ones who had kids at like 40 or 50 Our grandparents are boomers

  • Kate BB
    Kate BB

    Can we see Shayne dance like that again?!🤣😏

  • Vivien R.
    Vivien R.

    Omg I just realized something. Noah wasn’t included in this video because he’s gen z.

  • Evelyn Van Dusen
    Evelyn Van Dusen

    F#@% millenials

  • michael morales
    michael morales

    How is it that boomers havent died from a heart attack yet

  • Anshu Shrestha
    Anshu Shrestha

    Make a gen x vs gen z

  • Reuben Martin
    Reuben Martin

    I love Shane’s character in this so much

  • Ayush Guruswamy
    Ayush Guruswamy

    The dancing segment was too good

  • Ayush Guruswamy
    Ayush Guruswamy

    The millennials part was so sad lmao 🤣

  • K R
    K R

    4:33 she is doing the WOAH and RENEGADE

  • D311US!0Nz Z
    D311US!0Nz Z


  • Willknown

    I think the bloopers were the funniest part of the video ngl but still enjoyed it

  • Jay_Mon GAMING
    Jay_Mon GAMING


  • Roblox Mini Clips
    Roblox Mini Clips

    gen z version of courtney is just drunk courtney

  • terry palmer
    terry palmer

    Let's ho now Doomers vs Zoomers

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker

    4:33 Is Olivia doing stupid TikTok dances?

  • Lpscrazy Creations
    Lpscrazy Creations

    I’m ashamed of you son.

  • 乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚
    乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚

    I member 🍇

  • ジョルノジョバーナ

    We need to change the past we need to make smosh choose a path where they would do vids with only Ian, Anthony, teleporting fat guy and Peter I guess

  • KIT 3
    KIT 3

    Millennial needs to be a recurring gag.

  • The Shöcker Pit
    The Shöcker Pit

    Generations z is by far the worst generation what I’ve seen

  • Dakota Dad
    Dakota Dad

    Remember JNCO’s

  • Dakota Dad
    Dakota Dad

    Xennials are the best micro generation (even tho I’m technically a millennial.... but no)

  • Hood Jesus
    Hood Jesus

    I’m a millennial, anyone else?

  • Dylan Cannon
    Dylan Cannon

    My friend calls me a boomer because I’m 4 months older than him

  • Anchit Roy
    Anchit Roy

    As a Zoomer, I feel GenX was the best but hardly ever talked about

  • Luna lovedraw
    Luna lovedraw

    I swear Courtney is transgender because they are TOO good at being a boy actor- (this is a joke)

  • Nathan K
    Nathan K

    Gen z be like 100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110100111011101110111011101101110110101110100010111011011001110010101001010101010101001010101011101110101100101101011101110111011001101011110110110110111101110101001010111010110

  • Michael D.J Connolly
    Michael D.J Connolly

    Lol. But one mistake. Boomers are from the 1950s and 1960s. This is more Gen X vs Zoomers.

  • Nick Garcia
    Nick Garcia

    What about Generation X?!? Nobody thinks about them...


    What happend with this channel? One day it was about 2 good friends having fun... I don't understand...


      Tu tambien vienes por Dalas? Jajaj

  • Romisa Hani
    Romisa Hani

    I love you shane❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • The Living Box
    The Living Box

    I’m a zoomer and I relate more with Shane, the millennial, in this sketch.

  • Adrian Benningfield
    Adrian Benningfield

    Gen X is left alone 😁

  • Franny

    I will never not love this sketch

    • A Pineapple
      A Pineapple

      Franny why?

  • TheBlindBoi

    Why do people forget gen x so much?

    • hoiy vinosa
      hoiy vinosa

      entao, aqui no brasil tem aguas claras. rj arraial do cabo pesquisa la

  • Hernando López
    Hernando López

    Who are these new actors?

    • hoiy vinosa
      hoiy vinosa

      Lmao. Millenials stereotypes.

  • Shino Aburame
    Shino Aburame

    It would be legit cool if Shayne said,remember avatar the last airbender,and one of the zoomers said yeah,I watched it on Netflix,I'm a zoomer and I watched avatar the last airbender on netflix and loved it

  • Oliver Maclean
    Oliver Maclean

    i fuck love digimon

  • Neanderthal

    Digimon slapped

  • Marabouful

    Olivia kills it as a zoomer kid! She is totally in the zone! And that golden state killer comment in the bloopers. Gold! 😂

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov

      I'm gay for Courtney though

  • Spiritual King
    Spiritual King

    no cap duck tales and digimon are the best shows.

    • A Pineapple
      A Pineapple

      wnnalis cioov what’s cringe about his comment

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov

      This is pure cringe

  • Emma Ramirez
    Emma Ramirez

    "Remember??? REMEMBER?? DOES ANYONE REMEMBER????" Shayne screams into the void whilst sob-dancing

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss

    Did anyone else realize that Courtney had a maverick t shirt 😂

  • xXtoxic C4nV4sXx
    xXtoxic C4nV4sXx

    imagine shayne just doin the classic white boy sprinkler

  • William Ross
    William Ross

    Oh wow...this video is too real.

  • Haseeb Memon
    Haseeb Memon

    Why for Sale Channel Smosh

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      After I found I actually a Zoomer not a Alpher! My heart…

  • Haseeb Memon
    Haseeb Memon

    Anthony padila come Back Return

  • Iconix Beoinx
    Iconix Beoinx

    As gen z dunkaroos and lunchables are iconic

  • KVStarStruck22

    Lmao. Millenials stereotypes.

  • Deon Spates
    Deon Spates

    Only the 90's kids would understand...

  • People who care about you equals your IQ or 0
    People who care about you equals your IQ or 0

    The only nostalgia boomers can feel is WWI and WWII.

    • Kazi mahriz karim
      Kazi mahriz karim

      You do realise boomer generation starts after world war 2.

  • Nautical- -fiction
    Nautical- -fiction

    I believe they are getting gen z mixed with millennials and they are mixing the baby boomers with gen x

  • Vincent Valentine
    Vincent Valentine

    Shane killed it in this sketch I’m dead 😂😂😂

  • vicissitude1

    This is pure cringe

  • Bulosan, Jerome Patrick
    Bulosan, Jerome Patrick

    I'm gay for Courtney though

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov

    There is something truly terrifying about how well Courtney plays a teenage boy.

  • Zeke Newman
    Zeke Newman

    is it just me or is it funny even tho im a zoomer i like Buffy the vampire slayer and wish there was a remake in 2020

    • [Blank] Blanker
      [Blank] Blanker

      Given how the movie industry are given remakes to old movies, they might

  • aariz

    No joke, but Courtney looks more like a kyle than me

  • Janik Bily
    Janik Bily

    I'm in a line of a perfect Gen Z, why? Well, I was born exactly in a year 2000 lol.

  • Kevin

    After I found I actually a Zoomer not a Alpher! My heart…

    • Kevin

      @wnnalis cioov are you a boomer? Just saying if boomer didn’t mess up the lgbtq+ thing the world would be all fine, and zoomers are fixing boomers mistakes.

    • Kevin

      @wnnalis cioov how?

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov

      Zoomers are worst than boomers

  • Alyson Von
    Alyson Von

    OMG as a millennial I feel so seen... & attacked 😂

  • [Bol ]
    [Bol ]

    This video is very lekker!

  • Xander


  • HarryJuegos

    remember rocket power? loool

  • Mr Turtle Mr
    Mr Turtle Mr

    Bro that 4x4 on the desk

  • aola wili
    aola wili

    weirdly, ian fits into the boomers clique perfectly

  • Született Gamer
    Született Gamer

    Gen Z is the generation of multitasking

  • Losj

    My grandpa is the only boomer I respect, he plays among us with me

  • Kitty4u

    Lol most parents of gen z aren't even boomers.

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose

    Shayne: *breaks it down* sir this is a wendys

    • aola wili
      aola wili

      why are they gangin' up on millennials? 😂😂

  • Anthony Johnston
    Anthony Johnston

    Wtf is this bullshit. Where’s Ian and Anthony😪

    • Fppd47

      Bruh chill

  • michael putnins
    michael putnins

    Anyone remember that shayne was in Henry danger?

  • David Ward
    David Ward

    So true. All we millenials do is ask if you remember stuff from the 90's-00s

  • Robo Sapien
    Robo Sapien

    Zoomers are worst than boomers

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose

      And thus Smosh fell

  • Kyle kenney
    Kyle kenney

    I got scared at the beginning because my name is Kyle

  • Nate Brady
    Nate Brady

    Gen Z is awsome

  • fairytail chaser
    fairytail chaser

    I somehow become half millenial and half zoomer

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C

    Ian and anthony should get together for one more video and do a rap of a video game like yall used to do and i bet that one video of you two working together will get a massive spike in subscribers and views for both anthony and ian

  • mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooi

    There is something truly terrifying about how well Courtney plays a teenage boy.

  • Vannessa Williams
    Vannessa Williams

    Millenials may be scared of us but we're just a generation which consists of sadistic memes cuz we dont know how to deal with our problems

  • Donald Morrow
    Donald Morrow

    Never forget Digimon!!!!

    • mikea hiooi
      mikea hiooi

      It’s disgusting how accurate this is also I’m a zoomer my grandma is a karen and my grandpas a boomer

  • •Akira Mei•
    •Akira Mei•

    DIGIMON SHANE YOUR DA MAN ♥️👌please watch digimon it’s a great show!

  • アにめ fあん
    アにめ fあん

    Digimon yess

    • •Akira Mei•
      •Akira Mei•

      I love digimon 😱❤️