The Most Annoying Kid is in Quarantine
Jordan Schwartz, aka The Most Annoying Kid, has been through a lot. But, can he survive quarantine?
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Ian Hecox //
Courtney Miller //
Shayne Topp //
Keith Leak Jr. //
Monica Vasandani //
Directed By: Ian Hecox, Courtney Miller, Shayne Topp, Keith Leak Jr., Monica Vasandani
Executive Producer: Ryan Finnerty
Written By: Kurt Maloney, Monica Vasandani
Production Manager: Alicia Gaynor
Production Coordinator: Nancy Azcon
DP: Brennan Iketani
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Art Department Assistant: Yasmeen Mughal
Editor: Brian Rosenthal
Assistant Editor: Matt Duran
GFX: Brittany Metz
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
Executive Assistant: Sammie Miller
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  • Jeffrey Stone
    Jeffrey Stone

    A bit optimistic with the quarantine end date if memory serves correct lol

  • PixyStixx

    who else is watching when we are STILL IN QUARANTINE 4 months later

  • Shrek Shrek
    Shrek Shrek

    Opppp talking about the virus 🦠 DEMONETIZED

  • Waffle

    I thought you were in prison...

  • David Paterson
    David Paterson

    I have a theory: The name Jordan is taken from the first name of Jordan Belfort.

  • ItzPotato Gurl
    ItzPotato Gurl

    If nobody is gonna say it i will.. DOES SHANE BRUSH HIS TEETH?!

  • Leticia Lane
    Leticia Lane

    Watch mojo you’ll be set no Netflix NO


    I never relised but Shane looks kinda short from what the videos look like

  • Elphy Da elephant
    Elphy Da elephant

    Why does jordan look like shane so much

  • gold fish
    gold fish

    this love story is so intersting

  • Matthew Bowman
    Matthew Bowman

    Why the fuck hasn't Shayne played a psycho yet? He needs to be playing a crazy role.

  • Paul Anderson
    Paul Anderson

    10:24 little did they know 😢

  • Michael Mrózek
    Michael Mrózek

    I hope I'll get to see the ending of Rachel and Jordan love story, since Rachel has crush on him

  • Alec TV
    Alec TV

    I kinda feel bad for Jordan lol


    I stg if this kid existed in my life, I would kill myself.

  • GPJ Videos
    GPJ Videos

    So this is what happens when you have no internet.

  • Tyler JACKSON
    Tyler JACKSON

    Holly shit he is insane

  • FeatherMay 111
    FeatherMay 111

    We’ve been here for over three months so whatever world they live in I wanna live there because somehow their quarantine is over

  • SuperMidget

    This is the best series New Smosh has made

  • Monkeyojacko

    It’s just funny how the time is so off

  • Corey

    But it’s true

  • Corey

    I’m not going to remember this cause I’m drunk

  • Connor Sage
    Connor Sage

    I feel so bad for them Not Jordan I mean everyone else

  • Brian Selley
    Brian Selley

    Ok John Lennon

  • Shirai Kuroko
    Shirai Kuroko

    I was eating lunch this time 9:23 LITERALLY

  • Party hat animate
    Party hat animate

    Back when people thought quarintine would end in 2 months

  • YourLocalWeebGamer

    Jordan Shorts.

  • Sandra Mayer
    Sandra Mayer

    he's going crazy

  • Drake Vick
    Drake Vick

    “2 months later, Quarantine ends” Oh guys .... hehe....

  • Draco Strong-Heart
    Draco Strong-Heart

    Me an introvert : YAAAAS

  • Mark Parikh
    Mark Parikh

    Bruh 2 months later? I wish man

  • SFaZeek Cyrall
    SFaZeek Cyrall

    Shayne topps acting is on point

  • Tierney Hadley
    Tierney Hadley

    Shayne. You good bro?

  • Insert Name
    Insert Name


  • Rebekah Wellington
    Rebekah Wellington

    I felt this so hard. We all know that one kid-

  • SmolFruitGaming

    hes spiraling out of sanity

  • No Name
    No Name

    This may or may not be true now

  • Md Aulad Hossain
    Md Aulad Hossain

    there is a bed right there

  • I will sub to you if you sub to me ok
    I will sub to you if you sub to me ok

    His teeth are yellow af

  • Shahzaib Siddiqui
    Shahzaib Siddiqui

    Pro Tip: Don't watch this video past 10

  • Cheese Miz 3
    Cheese Miz 3

    Ayy Rachel it's gor- Rachel: no Gor + no = Gorno Hol' on... Gorno=giorno *Big gasp* Giorno Giovanna *bigger gasp* I GIORNO GIOVANNA HAVE A DREAM AND MY DREAM IS TO BE REFERENCED AS A JOJO REFERENCE

  • Šÿmmętrįčåłłÿ Dëãd
    Šÿmmętrįčåłłÿ Dëãd

    Who will keep him sane. My god-

  • Inaya Nabila
    Inaya Nabila


  • orangeslices

    Jordan is the joker but emo

  • Preston Lam
    Preston Lam

    Me in quarantine:

  • Young Kaiju
    Young Kaiju

    I thought he was in prison? didn't he accidentally set a school on fire?

  • Claudia Wong
    Claudia Wong

    "Hey Rachel it's Jor-" "No" JOR-NO? GIORNO? JORDAN IS A JOJO CONFIRMED

    • Leticia Lane
      Leticia Lane

      Diovolo why didn’t you win¡

  • Earthy Carl
    Earthy Carl

    For real shayne I literally had a typhoon on Christmas last year and on before that last year

  • Get no scope 420
    Get no scope 420

    Day 1 VS Day 172(for me) ayyy I TESTED POSITIVE AAAHHHAAAHHH!!!!!!! Quarantine is great 👍

    • Get no scope 420
      Get no scope 420

      i’m jk i didn’t test positive

  • Lucinda Pinson
    Lucinda Pinson

    almost 1 year in this covid filled world

  • Colette Clemetsonn
    Colette Clemetsonn

    That's your stomach

  • DragoKEBR Gaming
    DragoKEBR Gaming

    Mom: why don’t you play with the neighbor The neighbor: 9:54

  • Salty_ Royalty
    Salty_ Royalty

    ‘2 months later’ “the quarantine has been over for 5 weeks now” OH BOY you couldn’t have been more wrong

    • Vasudhaparent Vani
      Vasudhaparent Vani

      Ok n I'm sorry

    • Salty_ Royalty
      Salty_ Royalty

      Vasudhaparent Vani i’m not an army, haven’t listened to their music in over a year, please pay attention to the actual commentary instead of my profile picture

  • Ethan The epic
    Ethan The epic

    extroverts in quarantine be like:

  • Meekestthings

    3:51 I almost spat out my coffee. He looks like a buff depressed 8 year old

  • gothsorrowsuffer


  • gothsorrowsuffer


  • jjmanlv22

    He’s back yay Make more Annoying kid

  • Joaquin Abaygar
    Joaquin Abaygar

    Did he really drink his own P!SS?

  • Dahlsy

    Anyone watching in September?

  • Kristina De Witte
    Kristina De Witte

    When Jordan starts to get all creepy this is what I did🖕🏻🖕🏻

  • Friend Zee
    Friend Zee

    Jordan Schwartz is the SMOSH version of Michael Scott

  • Vopexx

    “A prank is harmless if it is funny” Me: I light my friend’s ass on fire

  • haifa hussain
    haifa hussain

    Shayne looks like penny wise from IT 😂😂

  • Dragongodly pugs
    Dragongodly pugs


  • GamerGirl TV1717
    GamerGirl TV1717

    Shayne was the perfect person for this.

  • The TNTmations
    The TNTmations

    Hey at least he's in quarentine, unlike some people...

  • Haryln Shepard
    Haryln Shepard

    This should be called the annoying adult

  • Haryln Shepard
    Haryln Shepard

    This should be called the ann

  • Jaylen Dixon
    Jaylen Dixon

    Jordan isn't annoying, he is just an idiot

  • simplytakeit
    simplytakeit this the real backstory for the joker?

  • Mr.DontKnowToDraw

    When u realize the comments is back at the bottom

  • Segathemega 9898
    Segathemega 9898

    Jordan got some balls to not use his phone in quarantine for 5 mins Also his jacket is his skin, just like the Abraham Lincoln What If vid

  • NatureStyle

    This reminds me of Michael Scott haha

  • Nyan Sound
    Nyan Sound

    Ha, remember when people thought quarantine would just end?

  • Fox Hernandez
    Fox Hernandez

    ''JUST DRINK YOUR OWN PISS!!!'' who members that one video of smash

  • InsectDude

    Bear Grylls actually says drinking your pee can be deadly

  • Rev17

    Rachel: The quarantine has been over for 5 weeks now...... Me: Wishful thinking

  • Marko Hegedis
    Marko Hegedis

    yaaasss continue with the most annoying kid vids please

  • Krazy PlaysYT
    Krazy PlaysYT

    0:40 well ya better donate or better teeth

  • BowlCut -BawlStars
    BowlCut -BawlStars

    Shayne is looking kinda short

  • SenPaIH

    kanye christ lmao

  • Christopher Cepeda
    Christopher Cepeda

    8:10, When they don't sell gluten free cake...

  • Stag'O Chee se
    Stag'O Chee se

    60 hours in: I sh** myself four days ago *Uhh*

  • Natalie Chapman
    Natalie Chapman

    stan jordan for actually staying quarantined

  • Natalie Chapman
    Natalie Chapman

    please make jordan a channel

  • PlayTheGamer

    I Miss Old Smosh

  • Hiems F
    Hiems F

    Jordan Schwartz reminds me of this kid in band named Tommy and he was so annoying, always picking arguments, barging into rooms, loud, refused to admit he was wrong, and I'm glad I don't have to see him for another month

  • The Torres Family
    The Torres Family

    The most annoying classmate idea

  • Makai Howard
    Makai Howard

    I feel bad for jordan all he wanted to do is be funny

  • Sakur4_Sn1p3r

    0:59 Isn't this a line from the song Imagine?

  • Cinnigen19

    I thought you where is jail

  • Bananahead 500
    Bananahead 500

    This is terrifying

  • blue_sus :3
    blue_sus :3


  • Dorianthegoat09

    Why shanes teeth so yellow 🦷➕🟡🟨

  • Rhy Kelly
    Rhy Kelly

    He is so stupid

  • Rhenzy /DPH
    Rhenzy /DPH

    The next joker or creepypasta!

  • Charné Van der Merwe
    Charné Van der Merwe

    2 months later... Hahaha.. If only

  • chris pallotta
    chris pallotta

    2:59 the way he said corona was funny.

  • Jr Plays
    Jr Plays